Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Coming Home

Well, the boys got home.  They were set to be here on the evening of the 4th so, that morning, I made a trip to the produce stand to get some fresh peas and corn.  I already had a watermelon and squash from Blair's boyfriend's garden and tomatoes from my uncle's garden, so we were set to have a good ol' Mississippi garden spread.  Davis loves fresh vegetables so I knew that would be something he'd enjoy after eating dehydrated food and grab and go stuff for a week.  I also planned to make this bacon wrapped chicken that Carson loves and homemade mashed potatoes because, well, he really likes those, too, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert because he was craving those before he left.

Like I said, it was the 4th of July and, while I hadn't put out any kind of decorations this year, I decided that I needed to put a little something on the table to let them have a taste of the holiday.  I'd saved Carson a bag full of fireworks from our family gathering on Saturday so that he wouldn't totally miss out on everything.  I'd thought of it all.   

I told them to text me when they landed in New Orleans and then got them to text me when they were an hour away.  They were starving and I wanted to time supper just right so that it would be hot and ready when they came in the door.  I wrapped the chicken with the bacon and rubbed on the seasonings.  I peeled potatoes and cubed them to boil.  I sliced the squash to cook and had the peas going on the stove.  I shucked the corn and got it ready to go while I made a fresh pitcher of sweet tea. 

The closer they got, I set the table, put the finishing touches on the table decorations, lit the candles, mashed the potatoes, and put the cornbread in the oven.  I was excited about seeing them again and I really wanted them to feel that. 

Rewind to last Friday afternoon and Blair was headed home from working out of town for five days.  She'd traveled many miles during the week and had been eating takeout so I'd planned on having a hot meal on the table when she walked in the door.  I made one of her favorites, chicken spaghetti, this bread that she likes, some veggies, and an egg custard pie.....just shy of the robe, ring, and fatted calf deal, you understand.  I was happy to know she was on her way back and I wanted her to feel the warm embrace of home when she came through the door. 

Through the years, I guess I've always done that.  Whether they go on church trips, business trips, fishing trips, college, or to the beach with friends, homecoming is kind of a big deal around here.  I want the house to be clean. I want to have their favorite foods on the table.  I want to have fresh sheets on their beds.  I want everything to be just right.  I picked that up from my Mama, I suppose.  I guess I just want this place that we call home to be the most wonderful sight that their weary eyes have ever seen when they finally return from being gone.  I want them to smell the goodness of home and not long to be anywhere else in the world but right here.  I want them to feel the warmth of the love they've been away from for a while.       

While I was cutting up vegetables, Monday night, I thought that is how God is with us.  Like the parable, we go off and do our own thing, sometimes.  There are destinations that look enticing to us and they draw us away from home.  We see something that catches the light or something that peaks our interest and we run off to chase it.  But, just like in travels, the longer the journey wears on, the more we start to look back and wish for home.  The comfort, the love, the security, the rest that is there.  And when we come back, He's always happy to see us.  No matter where we've been or what made us turn back, He's just glad we did.  He wants to shower us with His love and grace and welcome us with the warmth of His love.  He doesn't want us to long to be anywhere else in the world but with Him. 

Home, sweet home. 

It's where the soul finds rest.       
Hope y'all have a great day!


  1. well, you had my mouth watering with that delicious sounding menu....too bad hubby and I are trying to eat better or i'd make a big ol' pan of cornbread tonight! but we have some fresh tomatoes and a sweet cantaloupe so might have to get some peas at the farmer's market and add grilled chicken and salad...he always likes a salad.

    like you, when the "kids" come home i clean like a maniac before they arrive and have fresh sheets and their very own supply of towels that are kept especially for their visits....of course, about 5 minutes after they arrive the house looks like a tornado hit!

    i know they enjoyed your efforts and that great meal....hope you are having a great summer Joni!

    1. I'm so glad to hear from you, Judy! Sounds like you're enjoying lots of fresh garden goodies, too. That is one of the few things I like about the hot summer time. We've had a busy, but fun, summer! It should all start to settle down, next week. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Nothing feels like home than a home cooked meal and of course mothers open arms:). I've been going to my sisters church and felt the fellowship and it will sustain me until I get home.
    I will miss my mom and sister terribly, but I know they are in God's hands.
    Homecoming for me, will be cold noses and licks from my pups. Ok, hugs and kisses from my husband and daughter too:).
    Home is where the heart is, where ever that might be. Kathleen in Az

    1. Cold noses make for sweet homecomings, too, Kathleen! I know they'll all be happy to see you. Glad you've had a good trip.