Thursday, December 1, 2016

They All Fall Down

Well, since we last talked, we've all fallen.  One by one.  To the stomach bug.  Actually, I think this thing is more than a bug.  It's more like a flu.  I'm no doctor but I think the difference between a bug and a flu can be determined by its duration, the presence of fever and body aches, sightings of the death angel, and whether you wake up on the floor not knowing how you got there.

We're all at various stages of recovery.  At various stages of reintroducing solid foods.  At various stages of regaining strength and skin color.  Each terrorized with his or her own last meal flashbacks.
If you'd like to enter our 5 day weight loss program, just come on over here.  Our home is apparently infested with everything needed to guarantee the loss of 4-6 lbs. in just a few, long days.

I'd like to write something but I think my brain is dehydrated.  I picture it looking like a dried raisin you'd find between the couch cushions so I'll wait until it's had time to soak up some more moisture. 

Y'all be careful out there.  There are some nasty, nasty germs floating around.

See you next week. 



  1. Oh no! I hope you all feel better very soon! We had that thing one Christmas and I hope and pray it doesn't reach TN right at that same time this year!

  2. Oh no - so sorry for your family! Hope it has run it course before the Holidays get rolling into the "frenzy" stage! Take Care

  3. I'm so sorry Joni, it hits you with the bug and turns into a cold or flu. It happened to me beginning of the year. Hoping all of you will be better soon.
    Kathleen in Az

  4. Feel better soon!

  5. Oh that is the worst! Hope you feel better soon!!!