Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Sweet Season

It's prom season again.  Just about every weekend in April, you can count on social media being packed with prom pictures.  Such a sweet, sweet time.  I don't know what it is about it but I'm just a sucker for seeing the kids all dressed up with ties that match dresses and looking all nervous as they try to maneuver the corsage and boutonnière application.  Maybe I love it because it brings back the more traditional style of dating for a night.  Picking a girl up at her house and meeting her parents.  Assuring the dad that they'll be home by a certain time.  Being all dressed up, opening doors, and using the manners your mama taught you.  I just love all that.       

April and I drove to Brookhaven on Saturday to shop for our dresses and it was, apparently, prom day there.  (I finally said "yes" to a dress at a shop there but we'll talk about that later.)  Anyway, everywhere we turned, there were color coordinated couples all dressed up and getting their pictures made at different scenic spots around the charming, southern town.  The boys looked so handsome in their rented clothes and the girls, well, there's no telling how long it took them to get ready.....that whole day and weeks before that.  I'm sure their mothers were at home having collapsed from the exhaustion.   

We were stopped at a red light and I looked over at the car next to us.  There was a young man in his tuxedo and his date was all dolled up in the passenger seat.  It appeared they were in his parents' newly washed car.  His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly in the 10 and 2 position almost like his life had just been threatened by her father if he wasn't cautious with his daughter in tow.  I could see the rose on his lapel and his eyes were wide like he'd just seen a ghost and she appeared to be just as tense.  They both looked straight ahead and, from what I could tell without staring too much, there weren't many words being exchanged.  Both were probably new at this date thing and were just in awe of each other.....likely trying desperately to think of something to say.  Anything!  So, so sweet.

Carson's prom is this coming weekend and we, mothers, will be busy with the all the preparation going into the pre-prom party given by the parents.  This will be my first prom as the mother of a boy.  Oh, I served my time as a girl mother.  As a teenager, Blair went to three proms and a couple of lead outs.  We'd search and search and search for the perfect dress but, oh, that was only the beginning.  Your work was just getting started when you found the dress.  There were the shoes, the jewelry, the hair appointment, the nail appointment, the makeup.  It was no small undertaking.  Well, with Carson, he went right by himself to the tux rental place and, after a brief encounter with a tape measurer, they asked him what color he wanted and, on Friday, he'll pick up a bag containing everything he needs......down to the shoes. 

I must admit that I'm liking that.  I am really, really liking that.  You, boy mothers, have been keeping this effort inequality from us, girl mothers.  After having a girl, being a boy mom is kind of like being on vacation.    

Sons and daughters.  They both have their own worries.  Their own joys.  Their own challenges.  Their own blessings.   

I'm glad I've been able to experience both. 

And I can't wait to see my boy all dressed up this weekend!  

Y'all have a good Wednesday!             

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  1. Hope Carson has a wonderful Prom:). Sounds like he is getting independent, driving and renting his Tux. A year left before he leaves for college, oh my!
    I have a beautiful gold/copper long prom dress hanging in my closet from my daughter's prom.
    have a wonderful day Joni,
    Kathleen in Az