Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Post Could Cause Drowsiness

Christmas is the time of year when we all try to make our rounds and visit with those we love.  Our family has a list of friends who we try to spend time with over the holidays, but there are few visits that my children anticipate more than our annual Christmas "date night" with Mrs. Wright. 

Mrs.Wright was our next door neighbor.....two houses ago.  It was our first house.  The house we returned to after our honeymoon.  The little abode where we brought both of our children home from the hospital.  Mrs. Wright lost her husband while we were neighbors, too.  Between us, we experienced a lot of life changes while we lived next door to each other. 

She will turn 90 on Saturday and I can only hope to be as active, social, and spry as her.......if I make it to 90!  She's still living life to the fullest and we treasure the time we get to spend with her!  There are some people that you just cant leave behind.....no matter where you move.  My kids would put her up against Mrs.Claus any day! 
Also in the news.......

*The tree is still not taking any water.  We have a 2 gallon tree stand full of stagnant water.......probably breeding mosquitos under our tree skirt as we speak.  The tree has gone from a lovely, deep green color to more of a greenish gray shade, but....oh.....my.....word.......it smells so good!  If you stop by, we just ask that you not walk too quickly across the rug and generate any static electricity sparks.   

*I've been making bows every night to try and stay ahead of the store's gift wrapping demands.  Having bows already made really speeds up the wrapping process.  If I had a penny for every bow that I've made this month, I'd have.....well, a whole lot of pennies.  Yesterday, we observed that people had hit panic mode in their Christmas shopping.  We've even had some male shoppers this week, so you know Christmas is coming soon.  While the Advent calendar is widely used to chart the progression of the season, spotting men in the stores is the most accurate indicator of Christmas' approach.   

*Carson is allergic to peanuts like so many other kids these days.  Davis bought him some Wonder Butter, which is a nut free peanut butter substitute made from soybeans.  It's amazing how close the taste, texture, and color are!  If your child is allergic to peanuts or if they're not allowed to bring peanut butter to school because of another child's allergy, you may want to try this stuff!  It's really good! 

Like anyone with life threatening food allergies, trying new things is a little disconcerting for Carson.....especially when it looks and smells so much like the thing he's been taught to avoid his whole life.  As you can see, he was apprehensive as he got his Epi-Pen before he took the first bite even though it says "peanut free" on the jar about 25 times.  He liked it....just has to get used to the texture that's new to him.  Bless his heart....
* I made a couple of large purchases today.....for myself.  It is required that some of your Christmas bonus is to be used for things that you'd generally not just run out and buy for yourself, right?  That's what I thought.  Just checking.  I've felt like some kind of illegal professional today.....doling out those bills that require inspection under a light.  It was fun while it lasted.   

Thanks for your patience with my infrequent posting this month!  Like you, I'm being pulled in all directions with more responsibilities and obligations this season of the year and I'm really enjoying time with my family and friends.  While I absolutely love the Christmas season, resuming a normal schedule and routine in January is something I always look forward to right about now!

I'll check back in when I can! 






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    1. Thank you, Shelly! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  2. Wonder why children are allergic to just about everything now a days? You splurged on something for yourself? Yahoo! I know the feeling of spending money on yourself. A Merry Christmas to you! Kathleen in Az

    1. I don't know why that is, but it's definitely a fact! Hope you have a great Christmas too, Kathleen!

  3. We all need a Mrs Wright in our lives. : )

    1. Yes, we do, Happyone! They're a blessing :) Merry Christmas!