Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Things You Notice from the Middle

1)  When traveling with family members from different generations, it is often left up to the one who represents the middle generation to become the translator for the ones on the outer generational edges.  For example, when the youngest generation speaks of something in the technological or social media world and the oldest generation can only relate to collect calls and stamps and envelopes, it is left to the one in the middle, who has some experience in both, to explain things in such a way that all generations involved can understand each other.  It is a job which carries much responsibility and is without end.

2)  The generation with the highest triglyceride level is always responsible for taking pictures at the ice cream shop.  This makes them feel important, less conspicuous, and gives them something to do with their hands while they suck their mint.
3)  Coolness runs in certain families.  That is just fact.  No matter how hard family members may try to avoid putting on airs of being cool, sometimes, the genetic predisposition toward coolness is simply too strong to mask.  Also......obviously, our sunglasses get smaller as we age.     
4)  When three generations go shopping, the one who wears a red polka dot dress will always garner way more compliments than, say, the ones dressed in gray or brown.  Fact.

5)  While the younger generations depend on technology for much of their communication, the oldest generation walks onto a beach full of people and thinks, "I see people I haven't met and I need to remedy that and be hospitable" the younger generations observe in awe and amazement.  No profile picture, no username, no email address, no group text.....just, "Where are y'all from?"

6)  The younger generations have their fancy gyms and regimented exercise routines charted with their Fitbits and their apps........but the older generation, well, they have something they call step aerobics.....which the youngest generation enjoys documenting while watching movies together.

7)  When bra shopping together, three generations will scatter to different corners of the store like roaches when a light is turned on......each retreating to the corner designated to their own stage of the gravitational pull.

8)   Selfie sticks are generally seen as tools of self-absorption, but when spending time with one's mother and daughter, one wants to make photo documentation without relying on the kindness of strangers.  They say the selfie stick kills more people each year than shark attacks....mostly when operating them near traffic, steep ledges, or while driving heavy machinery.  Sometimes, the middle generation likes to think they are well versed in newfangled contraptions, but the youngest generation should always be put in charge of their operation as the goal is to not actually photograph the contraption, itself, as shown here.

9)  When three generations are traveling by car, it is highly recommended that the middle generation operate the vehicle at all times.  This is because she is past the "I will never die" stage of driving, but has not yet entered the "Will we get there before we die?" stage either.  This makes her the obvious choice for the driver's seat.      

10)  When three generations go on a little trip together, it is the one in the middle who is the most blessed.  She can see a little bit of herself either way she turns.  She can look over at her past and then over at her future and feel like she's woven right into the middle of a beautiful tapestry called her family.  She sees where's she's going and sees where she's come from.  She sees who she once was and who she, one day, may be.  She knows too well that generations come and go, but for now......she's nestled in between a whole lot of love and with every little trip, every little outing, and every little lunch date, she's collecting memories and filing them back in the corners of her mind.  Memories that will warm her when she's old and no longer in the middle.  Memories that will make her laugh out loud at the oddest times.  Bring a smile to her face when she's having a hard day.  Make her thankful she took the time to enjoy her spot.  She is blessed that it is her turn to be loved from both sides.  It's a warm, cozy place to be.   

Thank you, Lord. 

It's so good to be back with y'all!


  1. Joni, this post brought out all the emotions of being in the middle too. Again, you express in words how the "middles" feel. A very special post, Kathleen in Az

  2. Great post Joni! I am in the middle too, between my mom and my daughters. I love it!