Sunday, March 6, 2016

Coming Out of Dormancy

Well, the daffodils and Japanese magnolias have spoken and the azaleas are also starting to chime in that spring is here.  It's been sunny and 75 all weekend and I even had some sweat roll down my back for the first time in a long while so put a stamp on's official.   

On Saturday, we spent a good part of the day outside in the yard.  We'd had some plants to die and we replaced those.  We spread new mulch and pulled up weeds.  We pruned some shrubs and did some edging and a little raking.  The windows had gotten all nasty over the winter so we washed those.  Knocked the spider webs down.  Did a little touch up painting.  We picked up the shriveled remnants of toilet paper that were still hanging tough from homecoming week and even found an Easter egg from no telling when.   

So, yeah.  I logged over 17,000 steps on my Fitbit Saturday.  I feel like the Fitbit people should've sent some kind of alert to the police station....I mean, just in case.  Something like ,"Our atypical data seems to indicate that Joni may have been abducted and it appears that there may be some sort of ongoing struggle."  I mean, surely, if there are people who sit and watch for unusual activity at the credit card companies, we should expect that the Fitbit people would have the same kind of concern for our suspicious behaviors.

After supper, I went to work inside.  I finished putting out my Easter/spring decorations.  I packed up my heavier sweaters and wintry clothes and changed my closets and dresser
over to my more lightweight attire.  I decided to part with some things I haven't worn since Bush was in office.  I pulled some things from the back of the closet to the front and moved some of the front to the back.  By the time I went to bed, I was exhausted.  And when I woke up today, I hurt in places where I haven't hurt in a long time.    

Winter is that time when we just sort of coast along.  We wrap up and go into a stupor and let things slide.  We lie as dormant as the hydrangea bush out in the front yard.  Hibernating like an old bear.  We tell ourselves it's too cold, too dark, and too wet to do the things we should be doing and so we just bundle up and plop down on the couch .....with a snack, of course. 

The light of spring illuminates all the procrastination and neglect of winter.  Our yards are unkempt under a generous layer of leaves and sticks.  Our house paint shows some mildew.  The windows are all grimy.  The garage is cluttered.  The cars need to be washed and waxed.        

And it doesn't stop there.  We know all too well that the lackadaisical winter can show on our persons, too.  Our legs may or may not always be clean shaven under the multilayers of boots, leggings, jeans, and socks.  Our bodies show a little extra insulation and padding.  Our feet may need some attention after being in confinement for several months.

It all just piled up while we were hunkered down. 

The birds were just a-singing away this weekend.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky.  The frogs were doing some croaking.  And I even had some bugs flying around my face.  They're all calling us to come out from under the covers and join them.  To get busy again.  To get up and give attention to the things we've neglected.    

Winter break is over, y'all.

As bad as I hate it. 

Hope you have a good Monday!        


  1. And pollen! Spring has sprung here for weeks. Today though, low 70s with slight chance of rain! Winter!
    El Nino, not so much here, although it made its mark everywhere. Starting next week, I'm going partner up with my daughter and wash windows, scrub cabinets, etc. Fun times!
    Have a lovely Spring day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Oh, now that will be some good mother/daughter bonding. And I know what you mean! Everyone's sinuses are giving them fits around here. My head has pounded for two weeks straight. Oh, kill me.