Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Weekend in Review

So, today, I thought I'd just hit the high spots of our weekend.   

Blair came home for one night and, on Friday morning, we hopped in the car and went to scout out living options in the city where she has decided to reside.  She will have a sales territory and so where she lives in that territory is up to her.  Her plan is to live at home this summer to save up some money for little things like, oh, a couch to sit on and a bed to sleep on.....and then she'll fly the coop in August or September. 

Since we were in an unfamiliar city, it was a long day of typing addresses into the GPS but it was still fun and exciting for her.  We learned a couple of things on our trip.....
-  Pictures on websites are always more flattering than reality.
-  You have to pay more to be safe....and you should.     

She settled on the place where she'd like to live and feels good about her choice. I feel good about it, too, and a mother's peace is not to be underestimated.

On Saturday, my kids' former youth minister/children's minister got married.  Didn't she make a beautiful bride?  Carson was my date to the morning event because Davis had to work.  Didn't he make a handsome date?  It was a pretty wedding on a picture perfect day.  I mean, you couldn't have custom ordered a nicer day.  It was a true southern affair with food galore and people aplenty.
The bride's mother told us how she'd only slept from 2:00-3:30 a.m. the night before the wedding and I'd heard how she'd cooked most of the delicious food herself.  With the number of people who were there, that was no small feat.  I feel that parents of newlyweds are due a "honeymoon" trip of sorts to recover from their ordeal.  Perhaps wedding guests could start dropping money into a box as they leave to go towards that.  It could be a new thing we get going.          

I thought it was so special how they used the wedding china of family members for the centerpieces at the reception.  The wedding was just dear from top to bottom. 
On Sunday, there was a birthday celebration for a sweet lady in our church who turned 100 this week.  100 years old.  Even though she and Carson are 85 years apart and even though you wouldn't think a teenage boy would give much thought to an elderly person, wild horses can't drag him away from church on Sundays until she is out the door and he sees that she's in the car with her ride.  They have a friendship that reaches across generations and I think it's pretty sweet.  What a wonderful lady!  
And that brings us to Sibling Day.

I know I've talked about my siblings a good bit on here.  Probably because I think they're pretty good fellas.  We had a great time growing up together and, even now, they are two of my primary suppliers of humor.

We don't have just a whole lot of pictures together because trying to photograph them is like trying to herd cats.  You get one in the right spot and the other one runs off.  There's a lot of protest.  A lot of sighing.  A good bit of moaning and groaning.  But, here we are at Thanksgiving.  You can see how much they're enjoying it.       
My older brother, Zane, is on the left and I believe I've told you that he is the reason I eat fast seeing as how he was like a goat and would eat your napkin if he could get to it.  He is also the reason that I flinch at any sudden movements to this day.  Years and years of therapy wouldn't be able to undo the childhood scars of being his little sister.  My younger brother, Lee, well, I may owe him an apology.  I think I projected my longing to lord over Zane onto him.  I may have misplaced my desire for revenge, at times.  I'm sure we could all fill a therapist's ear. 

We're all grown up now.  There's no one in this world with DNA closer to mine.  No one else who was raised as similarly as me.  Nobody else who shares all my old memories.  No one who has quite the same sense of humor or remembers the same things with a smile.  There's no one else who misses my Daddy as much and no one who cares for my Mama as deeply.  Nobody but them.   

Something happens on the back bench seat of a Ford on family road trips.  In the backyard, when you're all given the chore of raking the leaves.  When you have to share the same kitchen phone.  When you're always instructed to stay together whenever you go anywhere.  When you have to pool your coins for Mother's Day and Father's Day. 

Something happens. 

It's called growing love.  A love that no one else can feel because no one else ever lived it with they did.  We all carry a piece of the others with us.  We all had a part in making each other who we are now.

Something just happens when you grow up in the same little, happy house together.

Brothers and sister forever.  No matter what.         

It's Monday again!  Make the best of it!


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  1. Just from reading your blog, I can see how Carson is friends with the sweet lady. 100 yrs old, that is a milestone. Yes, safety first with your daughter Blair, is she going to have a roommate to help with expenses?
    A very beautiful Bride with your handsome son, love the centerpieces.
    Siblings, yes. My husband was the baby, so he got picked on by all his sisters and brothers.
    I think as we get older, we realized how much we need each other more than ever.
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az