Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Birthday Crown with all of Its Rights and Privileges

Well, my 48th birthday is winding down.  It's been a great day!  Well, with the one exception that came in the mailbox.  Mixed in with some bills, junk mail, and a few lovely birthday cards was a Poise bladder pad coupon book addressed to me.  Do those automatically go out to women on their 48th?  While I appreciate Poise's concern for my bladder control, I thought they could have waited a day or two after my birthday before they go offering their assistance with such a delicate matter.  Nothing like.....BAM, you're 48 and here are your bladder pads.  Well, you can keep the $2.00 off your absorbent, discreet protection, Poise.  I'm good.        

Besides that, though, I did get some awesome gifts and happies today.  And a co-worker baked me one of my favorites, a carrot cake.  Blair cooked a delicious dinner and the fine china was even used.  We ended the day by taking a family walk on the trails around the lake.  It was perfect weather with a cool breeze and we even took Sugar who's finally come back down to earth after the whole portrait hype.  And I still have my mother's caramel cake, a party at work, and Tim Hawkins to look forward to!  If I could have planned my birthday week, myself, it couldn't be any better than this right here.

The best part about a birthday, though, is that I've heard from so many friends today.  Old friends, newer friends, relatives, co-workers. There's nothing like being remembered.  I think we all need one day a year when we're treated extra special.  It helps charge us up for some of those more mundane days that are scattered in between.  Those days when we feel like we're running on fumes and we're the only car out on the road.  We need a day to be celebrated.  To be told that we matter.  To be sung to and asked what we want to do and where we want to eat.  Days like that put a bounce back in our step and make us want to show other people they matter, too.  Birthdays are like a shot in the arm.  It may hurt for a second, but it gets us feeling good.    

I've never resented growing older or tried to hide my age.  I even go ahead and round up after Christmas.  I've been telling people that I was almost 48 since the New Year.  I'm proud of my age.  It's just a number that means that I've learned a lot more than some of those lower numbers have but have far less understanding of the game than those players with the big numbers.      

So, I'm sitting here in the chair where I write....... in my Mom pajamas, my glasses, my moisturizer, my hair still damp from the shower, no makeup......and my birthday crown and sash.  Because today was my birthday and I want to enjoy every drop of it.  It won't come around for another year, you know. 
Tomorrow, it will be someone else's turn and I will relinquish my crown. 

I hope it's as good for them as it's been for me. 

Happy Wednesday to my friends! 



  1. Happy Happy Birthday Joni!
    Being 10 yrs older, I love your perspective on celebrating birthdays. Give in and let others pamper you, acknowledge this special day. Caramel cake, sounds delicious.
    Continue celebrating on this Birthday week,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. That's right, Kathleen! Embrace it! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful week, indeed.

  3. I'm so glad you have had a good birthday. I wish you many more!

  4. I found your blog a while ago, and I've loved it ever since. I laughed out loud at your Poise pads story, because I hit the (*whisper it*) mid-forties in January, and received a card from our local funeral home, saying that it was never too early to pre-pay for your funeral, saving your relatives the expense later. I think I would have preferred the Poise pads coupon, actually! Happy birthday, and listen: The birthday crown! I need to get myself one of those things, but I'm afraid I'd wear it the entire-live-long-year, instead of just one short day in January.

    1. Ok, well, I'm dying (pardon the pun) over the funeral home card on your birthday!!! That is hilarious!!! Their timing beats the Poise people's.....hands down. And I say go ahead and get yourself a birthday crown, Jedi Mama. They finally had to rip mine from my white knuckles but it was so good while it lasted. Thanks so much for reading.....I appreciate you :)