Sunday, May 29, 2016


Throughout our country's centuries of history, many have been called from their schools and colleges, quiet farms, small businesses, learned trades, and family responsibilities to join in our national efforts to establish freedom and to sustain it.  Hundreds of thousands never returned to the families and children who waited for them but died far away from home in lonely places here and all over this globe.  
I would expect that the people who have given their lives so that future Americans could live free would've had the right to expect certain things from those who would come along behind them. 

-They would certainly have the right to expect that we wouldn't just suck up all the benefits from living in America without being willing to offer her something in return.

-That the same flag that draped their coffins wouldn't be trampled, burned, or disrespected and that we certainly wouldn't idolize or support celebrities who do so.
-That the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, and American flag would never be banned because of their potential to offend and that those who are living here and are offended by such should be the ones viewed as out of place......not a flag rightfully flying over its own country. 

-That their nation would make it a priority to teach generations to come about history and their contributions and never try to alter it, edit it, or skim over it. 

-That we would be proud of the nation built on the foundation of their sacrifice and not apologize for it or be made to feel ashamed for being blessed to be a part of it. 

-That the generations who enjoy the benefits of their labors would be reverent and respectful of what they've done......never imagining that memorials set up in their memory would be desecrated by the beneficiaries of their sacrifice.
-That citizens who come after them would make the effort to vote and stay informed.

-That Americans and especially students at our finest universities would know as much about the wars that they fought in as they do about the Kardashians or American Idol.

-That we'd never cheapen the label, hero, or lower the standards for what we view as heroic.     
-That we wouldn't become so easily offended by trivial matters but save being offended for things worthy of offense like terrorism, genocide, and infringements on our freedoms.  And when we see things that are worthy of offense, that we wouldn't just stand by and do nothing.   
-And that the name of God to whom their nation once cried out during times of growing pains and war would never be wiped from public display or national history.

I would say of that young soldier nearing the beaches of Normandy with bodies floating all around him......I imagine he knew his odds weren't that great.  But, he stepped off that boat and waded to shore anyway. 

And when he did, he had every right to expect certain things of us........those who would come along behind him. 

God, help us live up to their expectations.




  1. Wow! Reading this post on Memorial Day and really for every day is powerful. I'm not military, but I do know I rather be in this country, regardless how askew it's been, than any other. God Bless America, Land that I love, stand beside her and guide her!
    Have a Blessed Memorial Day Joni with your loved ones,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Amen, Kathleen. Hope you had a great holiday weekend, too.

  2. Hello from Ontario, Canada Joni, I 'm visiting from Deanna's blog where she recommending the reading of your post. A great overview of expectations, the same of which applies to Canadians.

    1. I'm so glad you came to visit, Judith. Thank you for your kind comments. I guess no matter where we live, we could all do a better job of remembering where we've come from as a country.