Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Problem at Command Central

I don't know for sure but, most likely, your home has a master calendar somewhere.  It's usually the place where the mother keeps track of everyone's events, ballgames, doctor appointments, meetings, etc..  It is command central of the home.  For us, it's located on our refrigerator.  I have one of those magnetic dry erase calendars and, every month, I transfer all of our obligations from my planner to that calendar.  It helps me keep up with what's coming up and things are constantly being added to it.  It is the hub of our social organization around here.  Basically, if it ain't on the frig, the Millers won't be there. 
So, anyway, this past weekend was my 30th high school class reunion.  Yeah, you heard me right, you, young whippersnappers.  It's been 30 years since I've opened a combination lock, drawn bubble letters on textbook covers, or written Friends 4-ever or LYLAS in anyone's yearbook.  My graduating class was over 500 strong but we were more closely knit than you'd expect from a group that size so I've had the reunion on my calendar for a while.

We graduated smack dab in the middle of the 80's so we enjoyed the very best music that synthesizers could offer.......not to mention the slow rock ballads with screaming guitars by bands who had hair that any woman would die for.  Our hair was big and we all had the Tom Cruise aviators and a gold herringbone chain or an add-a-bead necklace as the icing on the cake.  Our jeans were rolled tightly at the ankle and our boyfriends' collars were popped.  We looked good and we knew it.  We watched Sue Ellen's drinking problem spiral out of control all while Alf was adjusting to life away from Mel-Mac and Cliff Huxtable was fooling us all.

Those were good times. 

Good times.      

Well, I'd like to tell you that I had fun at my reunion, visiting with all of my old 80's cronies and rehashing old times but I didn't.  I'd like to tell you that I enjoyed being with friends and ate good food and traveled back in time with some good, retro music but I didn't.

I'd entered the wrong date at command central.  So, I wasn't there.   
Really, command central is not near that flashy or high tech.  It's more like....
But, still.  It works.

Most of the time.   

I started seeing a post or two late last Thursday about getting ready for the reunion "this weekend" and I thought, "Well, those poor, confused souls......the reunion is next weekend.  They really need to get themselves a master calendar like I have." 

Soon, it got to be too many to ignore and I had to come to grips with the fact that they were right and I was wrong but we already had plans in place for the weekend and I had to miss it all.  So, in honor of the class of '86 and all of the hard work that went into the festivities, I would like to show you some pictures of my 30th high school reunion.

Here's one of the gatherings.  Let's see if we can find me.  Uh.......nope.

  Here I am....not at the meet and greet. 

Oh, wait.....maybe I'm inside.  No, not there.

Here I am.....not on the dance floor.

Wait a minute....or is that me?  No, I couldn't take credit for those moves.  Go, girl!

I'm not here......

Or here.....

Or here.......
Or here......

And I'll give you $1,000 if you can find me in the group picture.... 

So, yeah.................I posted on the reunion Facebook page that they could go ahead and give the "First to Lose Her Mind" award to me even though I wasn't there to accept it or give a speech.  I was deserving and everyone knows it. 

Thank goodness for social media or I'd be there this weekend wondering where all my peeps were. 

So, there's my ministry for today.  Making you all feel better about yourselves as God has called me to do.  He wouldn't have made me this good at it if He didn't intend for me to use my gift for the greater good. 

My work here is done. 

And to the Class of  '86.......y'all look fabulous!  I hate I missed you but let me know the date for the next one! 

I'll need to get that on my calendar. 

Godspeed, my sweet classmates.    




  1. 30 years! Wow! You look more like a 10 year reunion gal:), 40 for me. Went to the 10th, had a blast, dancing with friends and reminiscing. Dang, well hopefully next time you can dance like 1986!!!

  2. Maybe I'll have better luck with the 40th, Kathleen!