Sunday, June 5, 2016

Twas the Night Before Our Daughter Started Her First Real, Grown-Up Job

Twas the night before our daughter started her first, real, grown-up job and all through the house,
Not a creature was deterring her as she picked out her blouse.
The GPS was hung in her car with such care,
In hopes that its instructions would take her straight there.

Her parents were nestled all snug in their bed,
While visions of paychecks danced in their heads,
And I, so gleeful, and her Dad, all pumped, 
Tried to conceal our excitement with a subtle fist bump.

When out of our mouths came such a joyous gush
That we slapped ourselves saying, "What's the matter with us?"
Away to our doorway, I flew like a flash,
Slammed the door shut to continue our bash.

But the light in the window from the new moon above
Gave the luster of midday to objects we love.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
but a miniature woman whom God gave us to rear. 

With her bags all packed.....her tote, shiny and new,
I knew in a moment this was what parents are called to do.
More rapid than eagles, the years quickly came
And now she's all grown and we liked what she became.

Now daring, now independent 
Now willing to try different things.
And adventurous and lively
And ready to flap her wings.
To the top of her head,
To the top of her feet,
We looked at her and looked at her
and thought she was pretty neat.

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
the years....they too quickly mount to the sky.
And with them, the older her parents, they grew
And as nature would have it, their little girl, too.

And then, in a twinkling, it went with such fleet
the pitter and patter of those little feet. 
As I drew in my head and was turning around,
She was walking in heels and charting new ground.

So, we dressed in sackcloth from our head to our foot
And, in sorrow, we were parents coated in ashes and soot.
But we remembered the paychecks and continued our bash.
We tore off our sackcloth and shook off the ash.

Our eyes, how they twinkled!  Our dimples, how merry!
Our cheeks were like roses, our thoughts not as scary.
Our droll little mouths drawn up in a smile
Because daughters cost more than sons by a mile.
For just one daughter, you could have 10 sons.....or more.
Money just goes seeping out every pore.
We were happy and then sad, not knowing which way to go.
We felt about as steady as a bowl of Jell-O.

Then, I was happy again, a right jolly ol' elf
And I thought how she's doing things I wish I'd done myself.
A wink of my eye and a twist of her head
soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

I spoke not a word as she got ready for work
This was her deal and I didn't want to irk.
And laying my hand aside of my heart,
I was content just knowing that I'd done my part.

As she spreads her wings and steps to the edge,
And takes a deep breath and leaps from the ledge,
She will hear us exclaim as she drives out of sight,
"Whatever you do, do it with all your might."

Watch out world.  She's coming at ya. 

Happy Monday, friends.


  1. Yay!! And sigh... Parenting is full of conflicting emotions!!

    And congratulations on the job Blair!

    1. Thank you, Carla! She's had a great first two weeks!

  2. You are so talented...weaving words together that speak the heart's language. Hoping she has a great first day!

    1. You are very kind, Jeannie. Thank you so much. Blair has had a great first two weeks!

  3. A beautiful send off Joni and love the way you used the Christmas poem. You're a wonderful mom:)
    Kathleen in Az

    1. You're so sweet, Kathleen. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on getting one "off your payroll", as I like to say. :) ! Hope her first day went well!

    1. Hahaha.....a reduction in the payroll is always a good thing, Denice. She's had a great first two weeks!

  5. I love this!!! You are so talented with words! I bet she will do amazing!

    1. You're so kind, April. She has had a great first two weeks!