Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hello, My Name is Joni

In case you were afraid I'd disappeared into the world of competitive running.....well, don't.  Oh, don't get me wrong......I'm up to 5 mailboxes now but, until they replace the 5K with the 5Mailbox, I don't think I'll be signing up for anything like that. 

No, my life has just been crazy hectic since Easter.  Crazy.  Hectic. One obligation has given way to another and another but I can officially announce that I have now checked all of my current boxes and the summer promises to bring a little less adrenaline and a little more melatonin. 
In the spirit of summer vacation, I'm currently sitting here sit relaxing in my fancy, new pajamas which my family gave me for Mother's Day.  I don't know if you've ever heard of PJ Harlow loungewear but you need to get yourself some!  The satin lounge pants are so comfy and so very fancy! I feel like I should reserve these as my good traveling with friends/hospital pajamas because they're so nice.  I mean, I'm just not used to that. On any given night, if you were to ring my doorbell, you'd likely find me in a sleepshirt looking a notch or two above a dust rag because, well, they're so hard to let go of when you've got them good and broken in and comfort is king when it comes to sleep.  So, if you need some comfy PJs that don't look like dust rags, I highly recommend.  
Last week was busy with all things graduation. My nephew, Casey, graduated from high school on Monday night and the weekend before that was spent in New Orleans for John Samuel's graduation.  I know your social media feeds have been stuffed with caps and gowns and proud parents asking where the time has gone.  It's the time of year to wonder about things like that. I couldn't help but think about how my Daddy would've loved to have been standing on the other side of Casey with my Mama.  Special milestones seem to emphasize who's missing from all the pictures. It's the kind of absence that everyone quietly feels inside in the middle of all the happiness. And it's all fun and games until you realize your baby boy, the only one standing between you and an empty nest, will be in the next graduating class.  But, I can't deal with that just yet.  I prefer to live in denial for now.  The wedding is all I can digest emotionally at this time.          

While we were in New Orleans, we met with the wedding venue's event planner and nailed down some more details.  One of the considerations we went over was the backup plan in the event of rain.  Instead of being under the oak trees, the wedding would take place on the balcony overlooking the trees.  We're praying for drought conditions during the month of October but the view would still be beautiful.  I'm just obsessed with all the beauty everywhere you turn.    

My mother of the bride dress came in and Blair picked it up while she was out traveling today.  I'm very pleased with the color especially considering I had to choose it from a two inch fabric sample.  The one I tried on in the store was black and, while I LOVE to wear black, I didn't feel the implications of the bride's mother wearing it to the wedding would be all that I chose blush.  Not pink.  I don't do pink.  It's blush.  Maybe you saw Steel Magnolias?  Just so you don't get blush confused with bashful, this is blush.....
Tonight, the annual burning of the school notebooks was held in a somber ceremony on the back porch.  Carson and his sidekick, Cade, destroyed all of the paperwork from their junior year with the use of fire.  It was a moving service and hopefully marks the beginning of a few weeks of walking at a slower pace.  

Bring it. 
Let's see if we can't get back to a more regular blogging schedule while we're at it.    

I hope y'all have a little rest headed your way, too.

We'll talk soon!   

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  1. The rites of passage, graduations, weddings, starting the last year of high school. And yet the bittersweet of a passed loved one, they will be there in spirit.
    Blush! Fabric is beautiful, continue on walking and counting the mail boxes:).
    Have a wonderful day, Kathleen in Az