Friday, February 21, 2014

To Have and to Hold

Tomorrow is our 22nd anniversary!  Davis and I were married on February 22, 1992 at 2:00.......notice all the twos.  We had a good time looking back at our wedding pictures and videos this week.  Wow!  If you want to shock your system, get your wedding video out and give it a whirl.  We could see where the 22 years had gone.....a little more weight, a little less hair in some cases, and thankfully, the phasing out of pantyhose.  The only thing that would've rivaled the size of Davis' enormous glasses was my hair, so not all change is bad.
As I looked through the lingerie shower pictures, I was wondering how many pairs of scissors and tubs of Vaseline it would take to squeeze me back into the little unmentionables I was holding up.  The sight of me in those little get-ups now wouldn't be near the treat for Davis that it once was.  I may have weighed 105 lbs when we got married.....with the wedding dress and train on, that is.  I had the metabolism of a hummingbird and the more I ate, the less I weighed.  My stomach was concave and my hip bones protruded out like bridge guard rails.  Oh, what 22 years will do to one's metabolic rate.

We've got a coffin sized box containing my wedding dress under our bed.  You know those acid neutral heirloom preservation chests that cleaners store your dress in for only $150.  Its air tight seal has prevented me from seeing it since 1992.  I guess it's in there, but I have no way of knowing for sure.  We've moved it three times.  Why, I don't know, because our diva daughter's eyes dart nervously and then stare down at the floor when asked about wearing it.  Having it made into a tablecloth for a punch table tucked way back in a dark corner of the reception would be the only way my dress will get anywhere close to Blair's wedding.

We've lost a lot of people that we loved in these 22 years.  My Daddy, our grandparents, a couple of young cousins, uncles, and family friends.  Seeing people on video, who are no longer here, reminds me how quickly life goes by and how much I miss the sound of their voices and their laughs.  Heaven holds large pieces of my heart. 

Davis and I promised to stick it out for better and for worse.  Thankfully, there has been more better than worse.  Our life together has been so blessed and we know that God is the source of those blessings.   

Davis is a strong, spiritual leader for our family and a great Dad.  He works so hard and takes care of us in so many ways.  He's a wonderful illustration for Carson, teaching him, by example, about being a Godly man of integrity and showing Blair the kind of sweet love by which she can measure other men that come into her life.  So really, besides the ridiculous nasal noises he makes in his sleep, that one near hip fracture from his failure to lower the toilet seat, and his inability to stay up past 10:00, I wouldn't change a thing about him or our life together.

I'm taking the weekend off to celebrate!

See you soon! 

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