Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Rambling Randomness

1) I'm so glad Pinterest wasn't around when my kids were little.  Apparently, this is what Valentine boxes look like now.......

Looks a lot more stressful than........

And if I had to make a quiver full of for every single kid in the class, I'd be looking for a real arrow to impale myself on.  Looks like I made it out just under the wire.   

2) This past weekend, our family went to see Tim Hawkins.  If you've never heard of him, he's a Christian comedian and he's HILARIOUS!!  For two solid hours, I laughed so hard that my stomach was literally sore the next know, how I guess it would feel if I did crunches, but since I don't, I can only imagine that's how it would be.  Anyway, if Tim ever visits a city near you, I highly recommend his show for a fun night of good, clean comedy.  You won't be sorry!!!

3)  I got roses and a Pandora charm today from Davis, so he did very well with his Valentine shopping, but the sweetest gift I got all day were words from my son.  Boys love their Mamas!  Be still, my heart.... 

4) What is Valentine's Day without pictures of animals getting fresh? 

5)  On a more serious note, I lost my Daddy almost five years ago to multiple myeloma.  I think about him every single day, but as much as my brothers and I miss him, I know our mother feels his absence the most.  For 47 years plus, he was her Valentine.  I can imagine after being a pair for that long, it would be hard to adjust to cooking for one, going to church alone and all those hundreds of things you don't think about until you suddenly have to do them on your own. 
Her two oldest grandsons, Casey and Carson, were her Valentine dates tonight.  Armed with bulging wallets, laden with chocolate and flowers, dressed up a little more than usual and looking like eye candy for the ladies, they escorted their grandmother out to dinner.  Their Grandpa was her one and only love and since he's not here with her, I think he would be proud that his grandsons loved on her for him. 
I hope, on this Valentine's Day, you celebrated all the different people that God uses to love on you!
6)  Remember....nobody loves you more than this...

Happy Weekend to y'all! 



  1. What a sweet couple of fellas she has there. Love your blog to the moon!

  2. Thank you so much, Wife Goes On!! That means a lot to me! And yeah, they're pretty sweet little dudes, I must say. They had a good time :)

  3. Love your blog! I think that I have read all of your posts. Great writing. Your post on men shopping for their wives - spot on!

  4. Thank you, Donna.....I appreciate that so much!