Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We'll Start Tomorrow

Well, I'm going walking with a friend later tonight.  It's been a while.

I've really let the whole exercise thing go this winter.  Not that I was a staunch fitness fiend before winter, but my loose and wavering commitment to it has become even looser and the wavering has turned into more of a flapping.  Perhaps that's another reason why I love winter so.....it's just brimming with excuses to skip on the exercise.  It's not that I think exercise isn't a good thing.  It's more of a discipline issue.  In a lot of ways, I'm not, at all, a lazy person, but in other ways, I'm as lazy as the guy who designed the Japanese flag, as they say.  Exercise falls into that latter category.  

That's why I'm amazed at the tenacity, dedication, and excitement with which my husband, Davis, approaches exercise.  Neither rain, nor snow, nor the dark of night shall keep him from his regimen.  I've actually seen him head out to run in freezing precipitation.  Things like that cause me to question his sanity, but it was comforting to know that, at least, if he didn't make it back, the sub-freezing temperatures would preserve his body until we could locate him. 

It's not just exercise.  He's also disciplined in his eating.  Every time he gets wind of some new health tip, he implements it at once.  His newest kick is cutting sugar from his diet.  He started this, like, eighteen hours ago and has lost three pounds.  I hate him.  He informed me of this as I was pouring myself a Coke.  Ever notice how those "healthy" people come across as just a tad condescending?  They wait until you're downing a Coke to tell you they don't eat sugar anymore because it's so bad for you.  (It bears mentioning here that I have cut my daily cola intake down to one of those ridiculously small 8oz cans that looks like it belongs in Barbie and Ken's townhouse refrigerator....an accomplishment of which I am quite proud and I want credit for it.)

Davis' honey and cinnamon concoction prevents heart disease and arthritis.  He harvests enough blueberries each summer to mound his breakfast cereal with them every single morning of the year...ever since he heard Dr. Oz say they are good for your heart, brain, and may prevent cancers.  All manner of nuts are a daily staple since the time he read the article claiming that they help in lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease.  Of course, this is all in addition to his daily snack of carrots as they aid in blood pressure control and prevent strokes.  Each night he has a night cap of fish oil supplements, which fight inflammation and are also good for the heart.  Meanwhile, I'm over here like...."Hey y'all, I took two gummy vitamins and I'm gonna lie down a minute."   

I fully expect Davis to live until the Lord returns.... whenever that may be.  Unless a meteor falls from the sky and knocks him upside the head, I don't know what else he could possibly die from.

I've always said that, one day, when I'm in Glory and he's been put in a semi-private room in a sub-par retirement facility selected by the children, eating a low sodium diet, watching Wheel of Fortune, and playing Bingo in the activity room, he will kick himself and think, "I should have sat around and eaten Oreos with Joni more."

As I was writing, my friend texted to say she had to work late and couldn't walk tonight.  That's a shame.  We'll start tomorrow. 



  1. jumped over from your friend BooMama. So glad she shared your blog. Girl, you are ha.lar.i.ous!!! Adding to my daily read list.

    1. I appreciate that so much, Teresa! Look forward to it!