Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moving, Mulling, and Red Gingham Wrapping Paper

Well, this is the week that Blair is moving home for the summer.  This weekend, I've been back in her room, organizing, consolidating, cleaning out, and adjusting......preparing for her arrival.  We've gotten a couple of small loads already, but now we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.  What's the big deal, you ask?  Well, when Blair moves into your house, it's the equivalent of Dillard's calling and informing you of the relocation of their junior department, Estee Lauder counter, and ladies' shoe section to one of your spare bedrooms.  It's an event that takes both space and planning.  Blair requires a lot of things and wherever Blair is, there her things are, also.  I finished arranging the closet and then started on drawers....trying to fold things in the most efficient way possible to free up some space.  In the process, I discovered that she has 26 t-shirts here....that's before she's moved home.  I feel this is excessive for someone who only wears them to workout.  Anyway, her room is now ready to receive her and all that comes along with her and we're just a tad bit excited! 

While I was sitting among the rolling hills of her clothing, I tried to remember what it was like to have so many clothing choices.  I remembered when I, too, would purchase a pair of shoes to wear with just one outfit.  I could recollect a time when the question was "Which one am I going to wear?" as opposed to "What in the world am I going to wear?"  This transition, I believe, happens to mothers of girls, sometime around the daughter's 13th birthday.  At about that time, you can expect to see your closet become as stagnant as a mosquito infested mud puddle on a hot, Mississippi day.            

Davis, Carson, and I all went to a local walking trail that circles a beautiful lake yesterday.  It was a glorious May day to get some exercise......I mean.....if you must exercise.  Davis had already been for a jog when I suggested we go there, so he ran a few miles and then walked a couple of miles with me.....and then he did a few pull-ups on the exercise equipment on the way back to the car just for good measure.   The question is no longer if he's going to outlive me, but by how long.  I will be careful to leave clear, step by step instructions for him in regards to my final wishes.   He has trouble enough with grocery lists and following written instructions when I go out of town and have my cell phone with me.  I can imagine that the "can't be reached by phone" scenario will not work out well for me.  Hopefully, someone will step in and be my spokesperson should he try to cut too many corners with a pine box, an old dress, fake flowers, and taped organ music. 
Next weekend is my birthday.  I've been kind of quiet about what I'd like for my gift, that is, until Davis piped up this week and says, "I've been looking around for your birthday present since you haven't told me anything you want."  Nothing will get me to spouting off suggestions like Davis saying that he's been out shopping on his own.  Let's just suffice it to say that Davis does a lot of his gift shopping at the Cracker Barrel...and outdoor stores.  I know.  Don't ask me why.  I'm certainly not what you'd call an outdoor enthusiast....and the Cracker Barrel....maybe it's the close proximity to his work or perhaps it's the kill two birds with one stone approach to know lunching and gifting all at one stop.  Whatever his reasoning, on the average day, I can't think of anything that I yearn for from the Cracker Barrel.....except, of course, some pancakes.  Davis has many, many wonderful points, but creative gift giving is not one of them.  This is not coming as a surprise to him....he's self proclaimed.  Anyway, when he said he'd been looking around, I piped up with several suggestions, none of which can be found in a restaurant, so we'll see where he takes it from there. 

Blair's coming home should work to my advantage in the area of gift giving as she can usually help me out in this.  Last Valentine's Day went something like this:
Davis texts Blair: Blair, what’s something I can get your mother for Valentine’s Day?  
Blair to Davis: Hold on. Let me think a minute. 
Blair to Me: Mom, what do you want for Valentine’s?  Dad is asking.  
Me to Blair: Oooo, I want some new perfume.  
Blair to Me: What kind? Dad’s at the mall. 
Me to Blair: Euphoria by Calvin Klein  
Blair to Davis: I think I’ve heard Mom say she wants some Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein.

I'll let you know how it all pans out for me this year. 

Happy Monday to y'all! 





  1. Cracker Barrel! That made me laugh! Thank goodness for daughters! I suggested a new pair of rain boots for Mother’s Day and my oldest daughter said something to the effect of “You are NOT getting Hunter boots before me!” or something adorable and loving and kind like that. Maybe I should suggest Cracker Barrel. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Hahahaha,......Aren't daughters just precious??? Don't get him started on the Cracker's a hard habit to break apparently.

  2. May is my birthday month too though at the end. My husband always bakes me the most delicious chocolate cake. : )

    1. How wonderful is that! I think mine needs to just stick to ordering mine. :)

  3. My daughter is almost 13 and she has waaayyyyy more clothes than me. What is so aggravating is that she wears the same thing over and over when she has so many choices. Me, I wear the same thing over and over because it is the one outift with no stains on it.