Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Various Points of Uninterest

Just a few things going on over the last couple of days.  None of them could stand alone in terms of fascination, but, perhaps, together they will, at least, be tolerable. 

Yesterday, I took Carson in for his orthopedic appointment and to the delight of us both, the nurse entered the room with the small, circular saw....a strong indicator that, indeed, the putrid, blue cast would finally be removed.  She asked if we'd like to save it since it had all the Mississippi State baseball players' signatures on it, but I just couldn't imagine taking it back home with us. 
Hot days, sweaty, adolescent boys, and limbs that can't be washed don't make for a very pleasant combination.  I looked over at him as we drove to church last week and, to my horror, saw that the hand peeking out of his cast had taken on the look of a molting a snake shedding its skin.  Give a boy an excuse to not wash something and he will take full advantage of it.  The cast is now in a big, red bag along with other bio hazards....hopefully headed to an incinerator somewhere, which should take care of any bacterial threat to the public.  On the way out of the office, Carson extended his arm out to me and in true adolescent boy form, asked if I'd like to smell it.  Though the temptation was great, I resisted with a "No, thank you, son."

When we got done with that, I got him back home and still had a few minutes before I had to be at my next destination.  I passed a donut shop and the "Open" sign was pleaded with me to come to its neon-ness.  It was an out of body type of experience ....."Go to the light....Go to the light", it urged me.  Donuts are the weakest of my weaknesses, so, even though I knew it was wrong, I wheeled in.  Oh, it smelled so good in there!  I got my order and headed to my next appointment.  In the 1/4 mile from there to where I was going, I put away two glazed and a pint of cold,whole milk!  Glory!

I have to say that this box has tempted me all day today.  Very effective marketing plan that those donut people have.  Every time I walk through the kitchen, I catch a glimpse of "You Deserve a Donut" and I think......"You know, I do......I do deserve a donut".  I've deserved a donut about 5 times today, so it's beginning to be a problem. 
What hasn't been a problem, however, would be Davis' "no added sugar" banana/applesauce/raisin/oatmeal cookies.  He's still on his "no sugar" kick and so he whipped up a batch of these last night.  Mmmmm.  I believe it's the first time ever that the announcement "cookies are ready" didn't bring one, single person to the kitchen.   Everyone sat motionless.  If you'd like the recipe though....I mean if this looks like your thing, just let me know and I'll get that for you.  I deserve a donut, but I don't feel like I deserve one of these. 
Another thing....I'm so proud of myself.  I've been walking with some degree of regularity.....I mean, for me.  This is usually my view of Blair and Davis' backsides as I lag behind them doing their "real exercise". 
I hang back with the waddlers.  We enjoy the same pace. 
A snowball afterwards is enough to keep me going though.  "Frog in a Blender" and "Tiger's Blood".....our snowball flavors of choice seem to suggest that we condone animal mistreatment, but nothing could be further than the truth.  We're really very nice people. 
Well, I'm going to put this post out of its misery.  I'm just a tad distracted as my Bulldogs are playing in the SEC tournament right at this very moment.  So far, so good for my alma mater!
Night, y'all!



  1. I am walking at night with the waddle;rs as well and had a snow cone as well! Almost a mirrored evening my dear friend minus the bulldog you and love this!

    1. You should add more Bulldogs sports to your life, Kelly. I think you'd like it ;)

  2. waddler's yeah that's what I meant....

  3. What is it about the husband’s militant diet that makes me want to devour bags of jelly beans and cheesecake?! Is it watching depravation that somehow makes ME feel deprived?? Someone needs to write a book about it. So I can read it while eating jelly beans…! :)

    1. Hahaha.....yeah, it just makes me feel like I need to take up his slack, Karmen. :) I'm not really that into depravation. :)

  4. As a walker myself, it always makes me smile to hear of another person going for a walk. : )
    I've been going for morning walks since 1988.

    We all deserve a donut every now and then!

    I think I too would have passed on smelling the arm. : )

    1. Impressive walking record you have there, Happy One. I've been walking regularly for 2 I think you have a comfortable lead.