Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The More Things Change, the More They Stay "About the Same"

Davis has never been one to be very observant of the decorative details in our home or anywhere else for that matter.  Don't ask Davis for a description of a wedding that he's been to unless you feel "There were flowers, music, and a cake" is an adequate visual account of an event.  Don't ask him to tell you about someone's new house if you won't be satisfied with "it was just a house".  I suppose we are observant in the areas that interest us and oblivious to the things that don't.   It might be along the same lines as my being blind to the expired inspection sticker on my car for some time now, which is unfathomable to him. 

I can hang a new picture on the wall.....undetected.  I can add new throw pillows to a chair.....undetected.  He won't notice something new hanging in our family room, but will go straight to it like a shark to blood on the bank statement.....nothing goes undetected there.  This inattention to subtle changes in his surroundings has served to my advantage when wanting to bring new purchases into our home unnoticed.  New lamps, new pictures, new rug, new problem, but if you're depending on him to describe something for you or recount an event......that's a problem. 

While I was out of town yesterday, our new sectional sofa was delivered.  We bought it last Friday and the earliest that they could deliver it was on the day that I wouldn't be here.  Davis came home from work to meet the delivery men and I left explicit instructions with him as to where the sofa was to be placed and which way the "L" should face. 

So, on up in the day, he texted me just to let me know that the sofa had been delivered.  In all of my excitement and curiosity, I texted back, "So how does it look?!?"  I waited with bated breath for his response.  Davis, never being one for flowery speech or detailed descriptions, dug deep down from within to give me his best eye witness account.  It was the kind of  intensely vivid description that you'd expect to find in a John Steinbeck novel.... 

"About the same." 
"Oh, ok", I thought.  So, we moved a traditional sofa out along with a recliner and replaced them with a sectional sofa of a different color, style, and fabric and according to looked "about the same."  How could that look the same?  I needed commentary on how it looked in terms of the scale, how the end tables were going to fit, and how the color worked with our other furniture pieces.  All I had to work with until I returned home was "about the same" and my imagination.

When I finally walked in the door a few hours later, I loved it!!  It far exceeded the lofty expectations that Davis had set for me.  Of course, there's not much that wouldn't have.  It fit perfectly in the room.  I loved the shape and height.  I loved the color.  I loved everything about it.....except the fact that it had been set up opposite of the instructions that I'd left.  I suppose Davis and the delivery men, with their eyes for furniture placement, decided that they knew best, but after getting it moved where I wanted it, I stood back and admired our new that was sure to be with us for the next several years.

It was then that I expressed my complete satisfaction, "Oh, Davis.....I just love it, don't you?!?"

"It's fine." 
Ok, so at this point I'm thinking Davis is seriously getting a thesaurus for Father's Day to help expand his adjective word bank.  It's fine?  Is that the best he could come up with......fine?  "Fine" is when you order a Coke and they only have Pepsi.  That's fine.  "Fine" is when your friend texts you that she will be late meeting you for lunch. That's fine. " Fine" is when your size is not in stock and they will have to ship it to your home.  That's fine.  Fine is not, however, what you're shooting for when furniture shopping.  It's not that I think Davis doesn't like it, it's just that it doesn't matter enough to him one way or the other to exhume another word from his vocabulary other than his old standby, fine.

So, here I sit on my new furniture and I'm here to tell is more than "fine"......and there is nothing "about the same" about it.  I will post a picture when I find the right throw pillows and let you decide. 

Hope your Thursday is better than fine.....         



  1. Hahahahaha! That is so funny! On the flip side is when the husband has TOO much of an opinion on things that you’d wish he’d just “be fine” with. I often tell my husband when he nixes a home decor choice, “Just go watch a game or shoot something!"

    1. This is so true, Karmen! It does have its advantages...... :)

  2. This is so typical for a man. I loved it your post.
    I was hoping for a picture of the new sofa. : )

    1. I will post one as soon as I get the right throw pillows! Thank, Happyone! :)

  3. Yep, I agree with Karmen. I wish my hubby could read my mind about all the things I want him to just "be fine" with and all the things he should get overly concerned about. Its been 20 years and I am losing hope that he is going to figure it out. But he's a good one so I'll keep him around :)

    1. So true, MamaHen! In the furniture stores, Davis just sat and talked to the sales people.....unconcerned with the whole decision process. I like that. :)