Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Rambling Recap

Without a pressing topic to write about tonight, you'll be forced to hear about the things that stand out in my mind from this past week.  I apologize ahead of time if, at any point, you yawn or lose interest.  It's just one of those days when my mind is as blank as a...........well, I can't even think of what it's as blank as.  Just trust's pretty darn blank.              

As the season started to change, I was needing to go visit my Daddy's grave and change out his summery flowers to a fall bouquet.  He's buried a couple of hours from where I live, so I set out to do that Thursday.  It was gorgeous weather that day, so I really enjoyed the drive.  I have to admit that, at one point in my traveling, a black Lincoln SUV passed me and my first instinct was to speed up to see if the bull had rerouted Matthew McConaughey through Mississippi.  Alas, I was sorely disappointed.
Anyway, they'd just finished mowing when I got to the cemetery, so I brushed the grass off of his headstone, scooped a frog out of the vase, and changed out the flowers.  When I was done there, I walked over to where my maternal grandparents are buried just yards away.  Not far from that, one of my uncles is buried and then on the other side of the cemetery is my cousin's headstone.  It's a beautiful place and holds a lot of my love. 
There's something about standing at the foot of the grave of someone you love, looking at their name etched into marble.  There you are.....on this side of life, living with the empty place that they once filled.  You remember the day that you brought them there to that remember the rawness of that day.....the freshness of your wound.  Now you stand there.....on grass where nature and time have filled in the bare ground.  Like your heart....the earth has also covered its wound with a layer or two of healing. 

After I visited the cemetery, I was able to have lunch with my dear, oldest friend who lives close by.  We've been friends since we were six and we realized at lunch that it's been 40 years!  I guess you could say this year is our 40th friendship anniversary.  It's a blessing to be able to look across the table at someone who's loved you for that long.  She texted me when I got home that we needed to make more time for each other because life goes by so fast.  She's so right about that.  It wasn't very long ago, we were making mud pies and bathing together and now.....well.....let's just say......we don't do either of those things.  One thing that hasn't changed.....I count her among my most treasured gifts from God.                       

Come to think of it, I had the opportunity to eat with different friends on three more occasions last week, which is more than usual considering how busy we all are!  We're just at that time in life when our work and kid schedules are hard to coordinate, but when we do get together.... it's always so worth the wait!  We usually end the time by saying something like, We can't wait this long to get together again".  There's just nothing quite as therapeutic as being with girlfriends who are traveling down similar roads as you are...........and mostly, laughing about it to the point of incontinence.         
Saturday was one of those rare but glorious days when we didn't have anywhere to go.  Earlier in the week, I had grand plans of all of the magnificent things that I would get accomplished.  They included all manner of cooking, cleaning, decorating, and organizing.....possibly even feats worthy of an HGTV series. 

I got nothing accomplished. 

I did shower and put on a bra out of consideration for the others who live here....that was probably the height of my achievement for the day.  I'd decided to throw caution to the wind and not put on makeup or get out of my pajama pants though.  Thankfully, Publisher's Clearing House didn't show up with tv cameras....but I probably could've gotten over it pretty fast had they come with roses and one of those six foot checks.  Besides driving Carson to a friend's house about 2 miles away, I never left home.  All day.  Everybody needs that kind of day from time to time.

Davis did go to work for a good while.  Bless his heart....he was the only one worth his salt around here.  Carson and I watched three ballgames and laid around like a couple of speed bumps.....taking turns napping on various couches and other pieces of furniture....anything that would hold us up, really......and then we had Davis bring home dinner.  Worthless. 
Today, the dishwasher took a turn for the worse.  And by worse, I mean all the water from the rinse cycle ended up in the kitchen floor.  Davis says it's a gasket problem and he will order one tomorrow.  Oh, ok.  There will be no eating or drinking in this house until the gasket comes in.

That's about it for today.  You can scoot back from the edge of your seat now.   

Hope everybody has a good Monday!





  1. i had a similar least i did on saturday...i did put on clean pj's and a little makeup out of respect for my husband (LOL) and watched football all day and into the night. yesterday we had family for lunch and then sunday night to a big food tasting shindig that was fabulous!

    on a more serious note, your post reminded me i need to change out the flowers at my daddy's grave too. last summer when i went to put a flag out someone had stolen the copper vase! can you imagine anyone doing that? it will cost around $600 to replace it, according to what i've been told. i could have written what you did about how i felt the day we buried him....a raw and bitter day in January 1980. he's been gone so long.....

    hope you have a wonderful week joni! always good to "hear" from you.

    1. Sounds like you had a great weekend, Judy! And it IS such a shame that the world has come to that! We were advised by the monument company to have any vases or attachments to the headstone engraved with an initial or name because of the growing theft problem. Who would have ever thought someone could stoop that low?

    2. Judy, I'm not able to comment on your blog! I don't know why it won't let me! Loved your recent posts and the fall decorating ideas!

    3. oh no! i don't know what to tell you joni about the inability to comment...and for some reason whenever i leave you a comment i get an email saying something like "delivery failure" or something like that. but i know my comment goes thru!

      in the meantime if you want to comment you can just email me at until we figure out the problem.

    4. I had someone email me and tell me they were having problems commenting on mine, too! That is way out of my area of expertise. Who knows.....

  2. Have I mentioned how much I love your blog?! You make me laugh, cry and wish I could have lunch with you all in the same post. I especially liked..."I did shower and put on a bra out of consideration for the others who live here..." Sounds exactly like me!

    1. Denice, you have made my day! Thank you so much! And I would love to do lunch.....let me know if you're ever in Mississippi.....I'll even shower and put a bra on. :)

  3. Lunches with old friends and lazy Saturdays are both necessary! Sounds wonderful!! :)

    1. Both are good for the soul, Marie! Hope you're having a good week!