Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bits and Pieces

This has been a crazy week with Carson's fall break and then his nine week exams along with cleaning and getting ready for company this weekend and planning for my mother's belated birthday dinner and another big ballgame on Saturday.  I've been off of my blogging schedule as I've been just a little distracted.  There are only a few topics on which I can offer a report......

*  School picture day has been deemed a success.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Carson will be depicted in a pleasing manner in the coming yearbook.  He did the family proud and has broken the cycle of bad school pictures which was set in motion by his preceding generation.
The grandmothers have received their copies and were tickled as grandmothers tend to be about new 5x7s of their little descendants.  I'm sure they have already replaced last year's picture in their frames and their wallets are loaded and ready to assault unsuspecting victims with the fresh material. 

*  Carson had a question about his algebra while he was studying for his exam last night.  Let's be honest for just a minute.  Do you panic when you see that algebra book coming at you with a....."Mom?"  I mean....I consider myself to be somewhat functionally intelligent, but when he comes at me with that algebra manure, my mind goes completely blank.  It is learned material that I have not used since the fall of 1986.  Do you know how many cerebral layers of information I would have to dig through to get back to 1986?   

You hate for your child to see that you, a college graduate, can't do his 9th grade math I always do what any dysfunctional mother would do....."Son, I've got to get supper ready....go ask your father."  It was really so convenient when Blair was still at home.  I'd just send him to her.  Algebra is still freshly etched into her mind.....not like mine which has scabbed over...leaving only an ugly scar where Algebra once was.   

*  I don't know about where you live, but the wheels have completely come off of our fall down here.  It was 89 degrees today as it is predicted to be for the rest of the week!  That's the way fall goes in the south.  This is why we don't get too excited too fast.  You get all giddy about a cool weather spell and then, day by day, the temps slowly climb back up into the "I wish I was dead" range.  I see we'll be back down in the 70's next week if we can just hold on tight. 

Anyway, I went out today to buy some mums and pumpkins for my front porch.  Walking around the nursery in the humidity and loading the plants in the hot sun the time I got home, I was burning UP....slap up as we like to say down here.  One ought not burn up when shopping for pumpkins.....something about that is just so wrong.  I got home and stripped my jeans and three quarter length sleeves off as, apparently, I was living in an autumn fantasy world when I got dressed this morning.      

*  And finally, not that you'll care the least little bit, but our Mississippi teams are on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated and the ESPN College Game Day bus rolled into Starkville, Mississippi today as they will feature MSU(#3) vs. Auburn(#2) on Saturday and our quarterback is now considered a Heisman favorite.  Too much more of this and we'll all need some calming medication.

I plan on watching a lot of football, eating good, and spending time with my sweet family this weekend!  I'll be back in full swing next week! 

Happy, Happy Weekend to everybody!!           




  1. lordy, i wish i was going to be in starkville this weekend! it's going to be a great game....both of our teams are having a great year. i saw this morning that OUR QB Nick Marshall is also being considered for the Heisman but i'm not sure if he'll make it this year. But both Dak Prescott and Nick Marshall (Auburn QB) will be forces to be reckoned with Saturday!

    Can we still be friends if I shout "War Eagle"!!!?

    1. Oh, Judy! I'm still in shock! You just don't know how all of us, Bulldogs, are walking around in a daze! We're just not used to all of this ranking and winning and media y'all are! It was a good game Saturday. Let's still be friends. :)

  2. We are having 'normal' fall weather here. Cool, crisp and the leaves are beautiful. It is raining today though.
    A break already. Seems they just got back to school!!

    1. I know! It surely didn't feel like fall break! I'm so jealous about your cool, crisp weather, Happyone! We're supposed to cool off tomorrow......we'll see!