Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Weekend....It's a Wrap

Well, we had a wonderful weekend! 

Blair came home and she'd sent her menu requests to me earlier in the week, so I had everything all planned.  Carson sounds much like the prodigal son's brother when we're preparing for Blair's visits....all the complaining about why we have to eat this and why we have to have that.          

While she was home, one of the things she wanted to do was to practice making a fall tree cake, which she hopes to make for our big Thanksgiving family gathering.  It was absolutely delicious as well as adorable!  She piped out all the leaves, peeled them off when they hardened, and placed each one on the tree.  I don't have the patience for all of that, but she, apparently, takes after her father.  She made note of a few things that she needs to tweak before Thanksgiving, but I was impressed!     
While that was going on inside, Carson and Davis were outside changing her oil and conducting some other routine car maintenance.   You know how men are.....always looking for a reason to jack something up and unscrew some bolts.  Davis is a firm believer in not paying people to do anything for which there is a YouTube instructional video.   
My cognitive function may have reached a new low this weekend.  Let's just put it like this.....if I were a car, a red, triangle, warning light would have started flashing on my dashboard......the kind with the exclamation point in the center, which indicates a serious problem that may warrant a trip to a professional.

It started when my brother and nephew called Friday afternoon and invited Carson on an impromptu fishing trip to the coast.  Carson and I were sitting on the front porch swing, waiting on them to pick him up when a golf cart drove down our street.  Our dog, Sugar, took off after it.  She loves a good chase and golf carts and the UPS truck top her favorites list.  Anyway, fearing for her safety, I yelled out to her as she raced toward the street....."No, Carson......No!  No! CARSON!!  Get back here!" 

Carson got way too much enjoyment from that for my liking.  My family......well, they know I'm crazy....and I think even Sugar turned around and looked at me funny.......but the neighbors out in their yards must have thought that it was time.  Time to make that anonymous phone call to DHS on behalf of my children.

I'm going to try not to least, until I start waking the dog up for school or packing Beggin' Strips in Carson's lunch.       

I'm feeling quite accomplished though, as I changed out all of the closets this weekend between all of the football watching we did.  Room by room and piece by piece, I put up the swim suits and tank tops and pulled out the sweaters and jackets.  When you can look at the 10 day forecast and not see any 80's, it's time.  I don't know about you, but, for me, the changing of the closets is an all day event.  And when Blair's room is involved, it could even be likened to the changing of seasons at Dillard's.  She has an impressive inventory.

Between all of our closets, I weeded out a stack of clothes that an Olympic pole vaulter couldn't have cleared.  You know how you hold onto clothes longer than you should?  I always think, "Yeah, I may wear that with a top under it and some boots".  When it's five autumns later and you still haven't worn it with Elsa would say......"Let it go".      

It was absolutely beautiful weather this weekend.  Blair and I went walking and I mentioned to her that I'd lost 5 pounds in my recent attempts to lower my triglycerides.  I asked if she could tell and her response....."Well, you've got on a loose shirt, so I can't really tell, but you don't look like you've gotten any bigger".  Children are, indeed, a gift from God.

Yeah, I weighed Friday morning and when my weight flashed on the digital screen, I picked up the scale, opened the battery compartment, and started to jiggle them around.  You know you've been at the same weight for a while when you suspect battery failure before weight loss.  Anyway, I'm proud of myself, I suppose.

I've limited desserts and a few sips of Coke to only the weekends.  It gives me something to live for.  Last weekend, I made an upside down German chocolate cake when we had company and my eyes rolled so far back into my head that I actually saw my brain stem.  And when I take my five or six sips of weekend Coke, you can hear the moaning from down the street.  It's really pathetic. 

I'm going to be so mad when they come out and say that high triglycerides aren't really a big deal like they once thought.  You know it's coming.....and someone will pay for my suffering.

Hope everybody has a happy Monday!! 




  1. let's schedule our weekend Coke sips together...i've decided i've got to go cold turkey on those Cokes! i used to be a very-rarely-drink-a-Coke kinda gal but since my retirement i find any excuse to leave the house and get a "large" know, in case i get thirsty 2 minutes from the house!

    i had to laugh when you said blair had sent her menu requirements....many moons ago when my kids were little, they started eating ramen noodles (chicken flavor ONLY!) and it gave them gas (oops!) whenever my son comes home i have to stock up on "pootin' noodles" which is what they call them due to the aforementioned gas!

    now that i've recovered (somewhat) from last weekends football game, i want to say congratulation on a game well played....of course, i might want to keep my thoughts to myself about some of the questionable calls but Miss. State played an awesome game!

    1. Hahahaha......I could fall off the wagon any day, Judy. I love me some Coke!! Love the name, pootin' noodles. :) Those were not on Blair's submitted request list! And thank you.....I'm glad we're still friends. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about how cordial and gracious the Auburn fans were after the game. Everyone had a story about a friendly encounter with the War Eagle fans! Very refreshing. That can't be said of many school's fans.....several pop into my mind. ;) Good luck with the rest of your season, Judy.

  2. That's a beautiful cake! Very patient to do all that. I laughed at what she said about the weight loss. Kids always have a way of lifting us up! :)

    1. Yes......yes, they do, Marie. What would we do without their encouragement? :)

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss! I am in serious need of willpower over here!

    1. Thanks, Kristen! I'm just tickled! :)

  4. I got a text yesterday from my college son saying he would be home this weekend and 'Can we have lasagna?'. I think those requests make the kids and the moms happy!