Sunday, May 10, 2015

When Your Birthday Falls on Mother's Day

Well, I had a wonderful Mother's Day/Birthday Weekend! 

We spent Saturday afternoon at the lake with my brothers and their families to celebrate our mother.  She's the most selfless person any of us know, so she's something to celebrate for sure!  Nothing beats the sunshine, a charcoal grill, a large body of water, a couple of boats, some certifiable relatives, and a sunset to help pass the afternoon.

Of course, we visited with Davis' sweet mother, too.  She's also in the running for being the most selfless person we know.  We definitely have an embarrassment of riches in the mother/grandmother department.     
So, when your birthday falls on Mother's Day, you have an extra special weekend.    
Fun with family, visits with friends, generous helpings of high cholesterol foods, some ruthless cards, and lots of happies!      
Blair made a cupcake bouquet for my birthday cake and it was delicious and just about the cutest thing I'd ever seen!!  I'm so proud of her! 
 After going out for a nice dinner and then chocolate almond ice cream, we came home for gifts. 
Honorable mentions....
A new pair of Chacos, my casual footwear of choice.
and my first year of blog posts printed into book form......
with an appropriate sentiment on the back cover.  
But above anything else I've ever received....
these two may be my favorites. 
I love being their mother! 
So, my fun weekend is over and I have serious work to do now!  The new pharmacy opens on
May 18 and by then these boxes....
and these boxes......
and these boxes......
and other boxes, who are not pictured,
have to be moved, unpacked, and arranged in an attractive manner.....
 in this newly finished, completely empty store space.
We've just scratched the surface of this process.
So, I will take this week off from blogging to get this gift shop up and running.  I will be back with you in a week and I can't wait! 
Y'all have a good week!
I'll miss you.



  1. Happy Birthday/Mother's Day Joni! A post full of family, food and well, work! Your daughter's cupcake bouquet is gorgeous! Having your first year posts made in to a book, love it! I enjoy reading your blog, reminds me of everyday family life. Busy week for you, take care, Kathleen in Az

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! They treated me very well. Having a productive week so far! See you soon.

  2. Happy Birthday and Mother's Day! My son shares a birthday with Mother's Day some years ... but was my greatest gift ever! I've enjoyed your wit!

    1. Thank you, Missy June! I always enjoy hearing from you! Hope your Mother's Day was good, too.