Sunday, August 16, 2015

15 Things Sorority Girls Know For Sure

After my stint at the sorority house, I decided there are a few things that we could all learn from these sweet college girls. 
1) Sometimes, life can get hectic and inadequate sleep can be unhealthy.  It is a good habit to make rest a priority at the very moment you start to feel tired.   
2)  Friends are so very important and there's no better way to show your solidarity than by using mystifying hand gestures.   
3)  No matter where you live, the kinder you are to the cook, the more frequently macaroni and cheese will be served.
4) Always, always, always check your friends' teeth before posing for a picture. 
"It's right there"....."Did I get it?"......"Nope, still there."    
5)  When caterers drop off a taco bar and tell you that the same amount of food fed the football team the night before with leftovers, consider this a challenge and, on behalf of women everywhere,
 bring it. 
6)  There is no such thing as too much glitter.  Ever.  Among mothers, it is the most misunderstood of all the craft supplies.
7)  If you and your friends all wear the same color, it will be easy to find them in a know, in case you get separated.
8)  On chicken tender night, never be fooled by the term "comeback sauce".  
When you come back, it will be gone.

 9)  Meetings can, sometimes, drag on for hours.  As a result, your attention might start to drift as you begin to lose interest.  As long as you appear to be fully engaged, though, it's all good.
10) Keep your phone in hand at all times just in case it rings, beeps, chimes, vibrates, buzzes, dings, tweets, whistles, "Whips and/or Nae Naes". 
 11)  If your Mom's friend calls and says she's stopping by for a visit, you should always straighten your bed.  Mom friends tell each other everything.   
12) Taking pictures with your heads in a circle....or kinda in a circle.... is fun.   
 13)  Where two or more are dressed in pink chiffon, there is a bond that no one can sever.....a cord that is not easily broken. 
  14)  When volunteers are needed for anything....anything at all, you should always raise your hand and say,
"My Mom can"
15)  Life doesn't ever stay the same for long and friends won't always be close by. 
 You should love BIG while you have the chance!       
Hope your week gets off to a great start!

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  1. Blair will have a lifetime of friends and there are some wonderful sororities that helps the community. All that food is making me hungry! You can't help but smile reading this post Joni, Kathleen in Az