Monday, September 14, 2015

Southern Girls Love Pagaents and Football

Ok, so I'm not really a pageant enthusiast and I didn't even tune in, last night, until the last 30 minutes, but the Miss America pageant looked more like the Miss Bible Belt pageant with the lovely Miss Colorado, far right, as the only "Yankee" in the bunch. 
Not always, but it seems to be a pretty common occurrence on the beauty pageant scene to have a lot of southern girls do well.  I mean, we may rank low in some things and the rest of the country may look down on us for other things, but never let it be said of us that the pageant stage is not a place where we excel.  I suppose it's all those southern mamas, who have routinely reminded us to smile and hold our shoulders back.....oh, and stand with your legs together.....and get in there and practice the piano.  I guess the mamas down here play as big a role in the pageant phenomenon as any. 

Regardless of the reason, I challenge you, as did Suzanne Sugarbaker, to "name one homely Miss Mississippi".  Last night was no exception.....even though she finished as first alternate behind Miss Georgia, who, clearly, had no idea what "Deflategate" was.  Who makes up these questions anyway?  There is violence and humanitarian crises everywhere you turn and the Miss America people want to know your convictions concerning air in a football?

So, Miss Mississippi, "If for any reason, the reigning Miss America cannot fulfill her duties, the first runner up will take over". 

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  When was the last time that happened? 
This weekend also brought our Bulldogs their first defeat of the season by LSU.  Davis and Carson went to the game and I stayed home and watched it on TV. 

The Bulldogs just weren't in it for the first half.  They were having trouble finding their rhythm and, at about their worst point, I started receiving picture texts from people saying they'd spotted Blair in the crowd on television.

There's something you should know about Blair.  As girly and sparkly as she is, she is a SERIOUS college football fan.  SERIOUS, I tell you.  So, I thought, maybe, we could all learn from the still shots of her TV appearance about how you, too, can become a more productive fan of your team. 

1) When things get serious in the game, you must, too.  The team needs to see that you are not happy with their current trajectory.  Just like your Mama used to do as she'd give you the stink eye from across the table when you were doing something that was not making her happy.  Your face should always match your feelings about the game at that particular juncture.
2)  If the stink eye doesn't get their attention, you must resort to yelling out your requests of them.  This way, they know you mean business and, as in the case pictured here, will start playing as they know they should.  This almost always works.        
TiVo creds to Heath 
Well, I guess that about covers it for tonight.

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I'd love that!   

Happy Tuesday, y'all! 




  1. I love your Blog. I am grateful I found you because Ellen Odom Rogers forwards your posts to FB:)

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Janet! I do love that Ellen Rogers! I'm so glad you found me and I appreciate you reading. :)

  2. I think your daughter, Blair would be a wonderful contestant for Miss America! She's smart, beautiful and feisty! Have a Autumnal day, Kathleen in Az

    1. You're so sweet, Kathleen. I sure think she's a sweetie, but I could be a tad biased. Unfortunately, our cool front has moved on out and we're going to be back to 92 by the weekend. I'm trying to be patient, but it's getting more difficult everyday, Kathleen. Hope you're having better luck with the fall weather than I am.

  3. I thought the same thing kathleen george did about Blair being pretty enough to be a pageant contestant.

    Don't feel bad about your bulldogs...Auburn barely pulled off a win and that in's gonna be a long season. We face LSU this coming weekend in "their house"....I don't feel very good about that.

    Well, War Eagle anyway!

    1. Thank you, Judy. You're a sweetheart.

      I was glad y'all did get the win! I like Auburn.....I guess because they're a sister Ag school. I'll be pulling for you this weekend. Really, once we figured them out, LSU wasn't all that tough, but it is hard to play at their house!! Good luck, Judy!