Sunday, September 20, 2015

You Lose Some

Well, the college football season is well underway.  Things are getting more competitive as each week goes by.  It's getting far enough along now that some of the cream is already beginning to rise to the top and other teams, who had so much promise, aren't quite living up to expectations. 

I don't know what college football fandom is like anywhere else, but it is downright serious here in the South.  Social media is full of smack talk the week before a game.  Tailgating tents.....well, you just wouldn't believe how they're all done up.  Sunday afternoon brings anticipation of the polls and the numbers that can be heralded for the coming week.  The first few minutes of Sunday morning church are used for rehashing the game with whoever happens to be at the coffee pot with you.  The football schedule is considered when planning any social event for a weekend.  It's just the way it is down here.                 

While watching football this weekend, I noticed all of the fans in the crowd.  As we all know, in every game, there is a loser and for every losing team, there are losing fans.  I love to watch people and as the cameras scanned the stands, I observed how different kinds of fans deal with defeat. 

For a lack of a better topic, let's talk about that today. 

1)  The Ashamed Fan.  The ashamed fan processes loss simply by no longer wanting to be associated with the school or team, which has disappointed him or her.  The loss brings the fan more humiliation than they are willing to bear.  They try to make an early exit to beat the crowd of winning fans or remove any evidence of their association before they have to walk through the parking lot.     
2)  The Praying Fan.  The Praying Fans are deeply religious during game time and believe that God, Himself, undoubtedly loves their team above all the others and will show them favor.  They are of the belief that their team and its fans are God's chosen people.  Surely, the "Hawkeyes" are the people He was referring to throughout the Old Testament.     

3)  The Stunned Fan.  Some fans just cannot even process impending loss.  Suffice it to say that these fans have underdeveloped coping skills.  When there seems to be no hope left for the team, these fans can be seen standing in almost a stupor state.  "What just happened?"... is a common question asked by the stunned fan.

4)  The Comfort Food Fan.  As long as the concession stand remains open, the Comfort Food Fan will be able to cope with the possibility of loss.  This fan is from the school of thought which believes that there is nothing a good nacho can't fix. 
5)  The Supportive Fan.  The Supportive Fan is always thinking of others.  She knows how the loss will affect those she loves and tries to be a listening ear and bring comfort to those around her.
6)  The Accessorized Fan.  This fan came to support the team no matter what.  They didn't bring a change of clothes, so win or lose....they've committed to the costume until they get back to the car.......or leave naked. 

7)  The Emotional Fan.  This fan is not afraid to show the raw emotion that he or she is feeling as a result of looming loss.  I mean, there are times when a man should be able to cry, right?  The death of someone special, the birth of his son, giving his daughter away in marriage, and the team of a college, which he never attended, losing a football game.   
8)  The "It's Not Over Yet" Fan.  The "It's Not Over Yet" fan refuses to concede.  As long as there is even one second on the clock, there is hope.  This fan can often be seen trying to rally the troops.  "We got this!"   
9)  The Expert Fan.  The Expert Fan is a very critical fan.  He just doesn't understand why the inept players can't execute the plays in the same flawless fashion he did back during those two years he played junior high football.
10)  The Self Absorbed Fan.  The Self Absorbed Fans don't get too bogged down in the details of the game.  As long as they get cute pictures in the stadium and get to the restaurants before everyone else, there's always next year. 
11)  The Black Sheep Fan.  The Black Sheep Fans can be caught on camera bringing shame to the family name either by spewing profanities or acting in an unbecoming manner.  The Black Sheep Fan will get an ear full when the clip becomes the talk of her mom's Sunday School class the next morning.   
12)  The Combative Fan.  The Combative Fan cannot accept any level of taunting by opposing fans.  Frequently, they are known for their "can dish it out, but can't take it" personality.  They must defend their team or die trying.  Martyrdom is not out of the question.   
13)  The Angry Fan.  The Angry Fan is set off when his team loses.  Clearly, if the team would heed all of the advice he offers them throughout the game, there would be a more favorable outcome and he wouldn't have to become so enraged. 
14)  The Over the Edge Fan.  In extreme cases, loss can cause this type of fan to cross over from sanity to lunacy, leaving them out of touch with reality.  This mental impairment is typically a temporary condition.
Yeah, its stinks to lose.  But, we all have to, sometimes.  It's just the way things work.  If your team hasn't lost yet, your turn is likely coming.   
Let's just remember to continue to keep it classy out there, people.
Happy Monday, my friends!    


  1. You hit the nail on the head with all of these!

  2. Oh, my! This is so funny! I grew up in a sports loving household and I have witnessed all of these!

    Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle!


  3. I have personally experienced all of this in one Saturday. 😮

  4. I've seen the Rollercoaster of emotions with family and friends with delicious food to boot watching sports. Kathleen in Az

  5. I love so much of what you post. But this? THIS IS GOLD. Thank you for making me LAUGH OUT LOUD this morning. (I am also thankful that I didn't spot Aggie maroon in any of those gifs!)

    1. I know! I was surprised and relieved that I didn't see any Bulldog gifs! I'm nervous about coming to play y'all at your house this weekend! Go easy on us :)

  6. well, i tried leaving a comment earlier this week but my computer "ate" it so i'm going to try again.

    i don't have to tell you what a mess Auburn is this year, and i say that reluctantly as i bleed orange and blue but the truth is the truth. yesterday our coach benched our quarterback and replaced him for this saturday's game, i believe against your team!? the only consolation from our beat down this past saturday by LSU with that my son in law's favorite team (alabama) got their butts handed to them too. looks like it's gonna be a looooog season but War Eagle anyway!

    1. Oh, Judy! Who knows.....maybe the new quarterback will be the answer. No matter what happens on Saturday, we'll still be friends. :) And I is nice to see Bama lose even if it was Ole Miss that beat them. :) Everyone needs to experience loss, from time to time, to keep their ego in check.

    2. Oh I totally agree, of course we'll still be friends....and I want to add that I think Dak Prescott is a heck of a quarterback!

      I can't stand Satan (I mean Saben)!

  7. Unlike every other Southerner I know, I don't love college football...But, I LOVE this! So funny! Dene