Monday, August 18, 2014

Blending in at the Sorority House

Well, I'm back from college.

Oh, I have so many thoughts about my trip that I don't know which direction to go with it, so let me cover the sorority rush week experience today and then we'll have the move in day recap later, so to not have all of our fun at once.
Some of Blair's sweet friends
Can I just start by saying that I'm having a slightly difficult time making the adjustment back to real life after doing the college thing for a couple of days?  The trip also may or may not have sparked some mid-life crisis issues within me.  Spending the night with Blair in my old college town, fetching $5 lattes, and staying out 'til all hours.....I felt nineteen again.  All that was missing was a phone call to my Daddy to tell him I needed more money. 

Anyway, we, moms, were busy, busy back in the sorority house kitchen preparing the food and drinks for their meals, snacks and also for the parties that they were hostessing.  Wasn't quite as glamorous back there in the bowels of the kitchen as it was up front where the girls were all in their little black dresses with their nude Jessica Simpson heels, fabulous eye makeup, and flawless coiffures, putting their best foot forward for the potential new members coming through rush.  They were sure to smile at us as they politely closed the kitchen doors just before the VIP guests arrived as seeing the old mamas back there slinging pots and sweating like pigs certainly wasn't the image they wanted to project.  We were kind of like the dirty clothes in the laundry room......everybody knows you've got 'em, but you don't want your company looking at it.
Kitchen staff, 11 hours into our shift
I made several observations during my stint there.  For one, I've never seen so many cute girls all in one place in my whole life.  Everywhere I looked, there they were......darling girls with shapely legs, voluptuous hair, golden tan skin, and firm muscle tones.  I was especially amazed at their hair.  For 12 hours, they hosted right after another....and at the end of the day, they still looked like a Pantene commercial.  I felt like Olivia Walton who'd been dropped down into an episode of "The Bachelor".  Clearly, I wasn't getting a rose.
The senior girls
I was also fascinated at how they could eat!  They ate and ate and ate.....M&M's, pizza, pasta, chicken strips, ice cream........all hours of the day and night.  Oh, how I remember that heavenly time of life!  I wanted to warn them....."eat like this while you can, girls....the time is coming when your metabolism will be slower than your great-grandmother driving to church in the rain".  And just wait until those hips have a couple of 9 lb, 2 oz missiles come barreling down through the middle of won't be able to get your left leg in that little black eat up, girls!

Just before we served dinner, the girls offered to do the routine for us that they'd been performing at all the parties.  Oh. My. Word.  It was so awesome!  All the dancing and flipping and tumbling and gyrating.  I've seen scissors with less of a leg swing.  I couldn't help but think that if I kicked my leg that high up into the air, a dispatcher would have to get involved.  I was duly impressed at their agility.  Again, I wanted to tell them to enjoy the limberness of their youth.  It, too, is fleeting.  Before you bat an eye, your ankles and knees will sound like Pop Rocks when you walk to the medicine cabinet to scarf down Aleve like Tic Tacs.           
The entertainment
Another wonderful observation I made was that you could tell that these young women were taught well by their mamas.  They were true southern ladies.  They always stopped by to tell us how good the food was after each meal.  "Thank you so much...the food was delicious!"  Oh, their parents would've been so proud!  Southern girls, no matter how far from home, always carry their Mama's voices around in their heads.  Shhhhh....listen.  I can hear mine now......"Don't forget to tell them you enjoyed it."    
The main thing that I noticed was how much love there was there.  The girls were so complimentary, encouraging, and loving to each other.  I was never a sorority girl, but I saw the bond they all shared and I have to made my heart happy to see my daughter part of something so special.  I know that they will stand as bridesmaids for each other and, one day, may sit in waiting rooms, anxious to meet one another's firstborn.  I bet they'll send Christmas cards, call on birthdays, and meet up a few times a year.  And when they're my age, they will sit around talking about these days under a tailgate tent and they'll wish that they could go back to that time for just a moment. 

If only for kitchen duty.
Carpe diem, girls!

Y'all are precious!!!




  1. i wasn't a sorority girl either but my daughter was....she went to AUM here locally and her "sisters" were a lot of girls she grew up with or was close to during her school years. unfortunately she only went one semester(quarter?) as my mom had a stroke and she made the decision to take off some time to take care of her for me....then she went to work for her then-boyfriend's (now husband's) company and now they own a very lucrative business here with she and her husband at the helm!

    i loved your recap of your time at blair's sorority house....she is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Judy! I had fun! Sounds like everything worked out well for your daughter :)

  2. We drove through the UGA campus last weekend while visiting my baby sister, down the street of beautiful antebellum sorority/fraternity houses, just in time to see the swarms of girls flood the front lawns for recruitment. I couldn't help but notice that they ALL looked the same, with long straight hair, perfectly curled at the ends, brightly colored dresses cut a few inches above the knee, sky-high heels...and in that moment, I felt sorry for them (how could you not, watching their faces melt off in that heat and humidity?!), and I also envied them. Having opted out of the sorority scene when I was in college, I regret missing out on the friendships and lifelong sisterhood. Hope Blair is having the time of her life; she and her friends are all so beautiful!!

    1. The scene sounds familiar!!! I guess it's probably all pretty much the same across the SEC during rush week! Don't you know those girls were hot!!! I opted out too, Amanda. :( Oh, well. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I was not a sorority girl, and I am pretty sure my daughter won't be (but never say never!). I am pleased to hear that the girls "remembered their manners". That's what my Mama always told me!

    I must admit that the picture you paint, is not quite what I thought a sorority would be like.

    1. The young ladies were just precious, Fancy Ranci! I did have fun! :)