Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving Day Meets Birthday

Move in day didn't go quite like I'd planned.  I'm nothing if not organized.....usually......but somewhere between moving Blair's pile from the guest room to her room to the dining room to the cars.....there were some items that were left behind.  While not quite as dramatic as the book series, the "left behind" items did put a kink in the flow of our day. 

I had to make a Wal-Mart run to get a few missing things.  Now I don't know if you've ever been to Wal-Mart on move in day in a college town, but let me just tell's not where you want to find yourself.  It was a three hour excursion.

I was entertained as I looked around at the other shoppers though.  I've never seen quite so many moms clutching long lists as their 19 year old boys followed along about three paces behind them.  Every so often, the mom would stop the cart and turn around and ask him a question......I'm sure something like, "Can you think of anything else you need?  or "Could you use another blanket?"  He'd then shake his head and kind of throw it back in exasperation as she'd turn back around to her list and her red pen. 

And every single shopping cart there, as well as mine, housed the obligatory ironing board.  We all needed those red flags that hang off the end of a log truck's load to signal the potential impaling hazard.  You had to be so careful between the ironing boards and shower curtain rods, but I finally made it out of there.   

As the daughter of an over protective mother, who taught me the art of seeing the potential danger in everything, I'd requested that their apartment not be on the first floor as I'd prefer my daughter and her friends to be behind doors and windows that aren't on the ground level.  It's crazy, I know, but I have my mother to thank....and maybe one too many episodes of CSI.   Davis, God bless him, was not loving my request as he made 500 trips from our cars to the upper floor on one of the hottest Mississippi days of the year so far.  I'm not sure, but I think each time he came in with another load, he removed an article of clothing.  I thought, "I sure hope he's done soon or this could get awkward."

Daddies on moving day.....they're a humorous sight to watch.  Oh, they're invaluable in unloading the cars and for the pile of "some assembly required" items that you lay before them.....oh, and the trips to the dumpster....let's not forget those.....but after they're done with that, it's best to send them on their way......unless you just enjoy hearing heavy sighing and the repeated phrase, "how much longer?"

Meanwhile, as we worked like dogs, Blair was off enjoying being the birthday girl.  As fate would have it, her birthday had fallen on the day that the girls in her sorority were to wear their matching long, pink, flowing, chiffon dresses.  This couldn't have pleased her more as it lent itself to a birthday princess motif. 
We're slated to finally celebrate this weekend when we're all together and the stressors of the last couple of weeks are behind us.  For her celebratory meal, she requested, "I just want your food......home cooking sounds so good right now!"  And so it will be. 

I still can't believe that I have a 20 year old.  I was thinking about what I'd like to tell her.  Mostly, things I wish I could've learned earlier in life.....some I'm still working on:   
*  The gift of time is more precious than anything that money can buy.  Make time for people.  It is the most valuable gift you can give anyone and the most difficult to give.    

*  No matter how dark a storm may seem, the sun will come out again and no matter how clear today is, clouds will eventually roll back in.  Don't ever think anything is forever. 

*  Don't be afraid!  Go do the things you dream about while you're young and free!  Time goes by faster than you can ever imagine.   

 *  You're your own worst critic.  Don't ever forget that.  None of us will likely ever see the beauty in ourselves that others see.  Cut yourself some slack.  God worked hard on you. 

*  What other flawed people think about your flaws isn't important.  Just be concerned with God's assessment of you.

*  Your tongue has the potential to cause you more regret than anything else.  Use it carefully.

*   If God blesses you with children, you are responsible for nurturing their souls.  Take that responsibility more seriously than you've ever taken anything. 

*   Don't worry about building your image, name, or profile.  It's all just smoke and mirrors and nobody's is as perfect as they want you to think.  Don't compare your life to someone else's spit shined version of theirs.  Just keep your eye on your own paper and be concerned with your character. 

*  You may be the only representation of Jesus that someone ever meets.  Be a good one. 

*  Don't overlook the overlooked, the forgotten, the misfits, the lonely, the poor, the elderly.  Don't be too busy or self absorbed to be compassionate.  God may have sent them your way because He trusts you to do something.  It only takes a minute to make someone feel important.

*  You will make mistakes.  We all do.  The only One who didn't is the very reason you can move forward and not keep looking back at them.   

*  You have your talents for a reason.  Find a way to honor God with them.
What would you tell your 20 year old self? 



  1. JONI. that list. i was all set to quip something about walmart on move-in day but wow - i feel like that list should be on one of those pallet-turned-wall decor hangings! for real, i'm passing that on. thank you.
    i work at a college in a two-college town so i am the one that sends the email to my friends to say "go to walmart on Friday night!!!" it's an important role i have in that :) so thanks for the reminder (ours is this saturday).
    i love blair's room & hope she has a great birthday week! appreciate your blog so much!

    1. Thank you, Tracey! I love the "Pallet-turned-wall-décor"......hahaha. Who knew pallets would become such sought after items? And stay strong in reminding the local folks about move in day.......definitely a ministry you have there! :)

  2. i think i need to remind my not-so-20-year old self all of the above.....well said joni!

  3. Just the reminders I needed to see this morning. Great list! Thanks so much for the laughs, too! :)

  4. I'm almost 30 and I needed this! Thanks!!!

  5. I am 31 with 2 small kids and I needed your list today. Thank you so much and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I live in a college town and move-in day was this past week...I happened to be at the grocery store. I got so tickled at all the aimless wandering students, mostly girls in groups, gathering their snacks. I shared with my husband about the mothers loading carts with gobs of cereal and power bars, guys filling up with spaghetti sauce, mac & cheese, and Gatorade and the girl groups and their organic fare. Most were with someone, but every so often a loner would wander by looking so forlorn that I wanted to help or invite him to dinner!

    1. Hahaha......Love this, Missy June! Bless their hearts is all I've got to say! :)

  7. I'm so glad to have found your blog through Marie at Normal Everyday Life. I have two sons - 19 and 16 - and it sounds like we have a lot in common! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm so glad you came over too, Lana! Marie has been very encouraging to me in my blogging! Please stop back by.....sounds like we're at about the same stage in life.

  8. You had me laughing as usual. : )
    Your list is excellent. Looks like you've got it covered.

  9. I also wanted to say the girls in pink are beautiful!!