Monday, March 23, 2015

A Daddy and His Little Girl

Daddies love their little girls. 
His sons might even say he plays favorites.
He may go a little lighter on her, yeah.
But, she has pigtails and his brown eyes and the way she says "Daddy"....well, what do they expect?
He builds doll beds and tree houses and a desk for her homework. 
He oils her tricycle wheels and raises her seat as she grows.
There's not much he wouldn't do for her if she asks him just right.
She rides on his shoulders and puts her hands under his chin to hang on and rubs his rough whiskers.  
He teaches her to ride her pink bike and hangs a swing for her in the biggest tree.
She knows it's safe because he put it there. 
His big arms carry her when she's tired.  They scoop her up when she falls asleep.
His shoulders are broad and his frame is intimidating, but he's as gentle as a lamb when he holds her.
She doesn't remember a time when he was scared.
She can't recall seeing him cry. 
It's almost like nothing has ever been bigger than him. 
If he's around, she isn't afraid of anything.
And, of all the things that are under his care, he may, very well, be most protective of her.
He's given her a strong strong as any little girl could hope for. 
He's a rock in her life that she can always depend on. 
He's there whenever she needs him.
He's as sure as the rising sun.
He teaches her how to drive a stick shift, change a tire, shoot a gun, and start a lawn mower.
One day, she may need to know those things and he may not be around.
In her eyes, he's invincible. 
He's the strongest man she knows.  
He's the picture she sees in her mind when she thinks of strength.
He teaches her about Jesus and takes her to church.
He knows it's the most important thing he can do for his little girl.
He knows God will hold him accountable for how he leads her.  
She watches how he prays and sees that he's honest in all things.
She sees him reading his Bible and he takes every chance to teach her lessons from it.
She sees how hard he works.
How he rarely gets time for himself. 
Taking care of his family consumes most of his days and, sometimes, into the night.
She's proud when someone asks who her Daddy is. 
She holds her head up and says his name with confidence.
She always seems to get the same reaction and she likes that.
Even as a young girl, she notices the respect he receives.
She can tell he's good at what he does by the way people talk.   
She calls him for good advice and knows he'll always have her best interest in his answers.
He knows that she values his opinion and so he chooses his words carefully.
He could've probably had 3 or 4 sons for the same price as one of her.
He has no idea how expensive dresses can be.....until her proms and dances.
He doesn't seem to mind.
He can be intimidating to boys who come snooping around.
But, he's the gatekeeper and takes his job quite seriously. 
He was the first man in her life.
The first one to ever fall in love with her.
He wants to give his responsibility over to someone who will love her as much as he does. 
And when it's time to give her away, he knows he's taught her well and can trust her choices.
Being her caretaker isn't something he's excited to relinquish, but he steps aside and let's life take its course.
He'll still help her any way he can and will be happy to do so until the day he draws his last breath. 
And when his baby has a baby, he's the proudest man around. 
He's always had a soft spot for babies. 
They are cradled in his big, burly arms. 
He loves the way they smell after a bath and kisses the tops of their heads.
It's his favorite spot to steal some sugar. 
It reminds him of when she was little.
Even though she's grown, he still recalls the way she'd use the palms of her hands to brush the long hair out of her eyes after a nap. 
That's still what he sees when he looks at her. 
He's carried that image in his heart for all these years.
He is her earthly example of the love of God, her heavenly Father.
He's given her a beautiful illustration of His care.
With his nurturing, patience, and provision.
By his forgiveness, attention, and encouragement.
Through his protection, discipline, and instruction.  
He delights in her just like God does.
She never knew absence could be felt so deep down in the soul until the day he left her.
Some days, she just needs him, you know?
And sometimes, for no particular reason, she feels the warm, salty absence roll down her cheeks and fall off her chin.
She knows the tears are the price she pays for loving him.        
No matter how old she'd gotten on the outside, the little girl inside of her would never outgrow the longing for her Daddy.
Dedicated to a life well-lived from a grateful daughter.
It was a blessing to love him and to be loved by him.
James Douglas- January 1, 1938-March 25, 2009



  1. Such sweet words. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Joni, a wonderful and loving tribute to your dad on his Birthday. He's looking down with love, Hugs, Kathleen in Az

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your daddy! Sounds like you had one of the best. :)