Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Day the White Noise Died

So, I think I've mentioned that Davis and I are white noise addicts when it comes time to go to bed.  Put us in a quiet room to sleep and there might as well be a dozen jackhammers in there with us.  The silence is deafening.  We won't sleep a wink. 

We've had the same noise machine that has provided our nightly "fix" for 14 years now and, well, the other night, I climbed into bed and, after a few minutes, I noticed that our smooth, lulling noise sounded more like an old Pinto trying to climb its way out of the Grand Canyon on a cold, winter morning.  There was a straining sound mixed with a hint of tiredness and a pinch of surrender.  It was losing its ability to put me to sleep and, clearly, it was time to find a new supplier to feed our addiction.

After a few clicks on Amazon, our shipment was on its way.

Imagine my excitement when it came Friday.  I couldn't wait to go to sleep....but, really, that's kind of a chronic longing I have.  As a matter of fact, I will challenge any one of you to a sleep off....anytime.  There aren't many things of which I can boast, but my aptitude for sleep, well, it is simply undeniable.  I'm one of the best there is.  Oh, listen to me.  I'm sorry.....I'm just bragging now.      
Anyway, that moment had come that I had dreaded since I clicked "Place Order" for our new machine.  It was time to lay our old, faithful friend of 14 years to rest.  There almost seemed to be a knot in my stomach.  After all, it had logged in almost 46,000 hours in its 5,110 nights on duty here.  Working the night shift at our bedside with such loyalty and tenacity called for a proper send-off with some long overdue honor and recognition.  
The only casket we could find was the shipping box of its replacement.  I know that was a little insulting, but what else were we to do?  It was such a good fit.  After a few words of gratitude and a tear or two, we said our goodbyes, sat it by the trash can, and came inside to try out our new sleeping drug.  In its two nights of service here so far, we couldn't be more pleased with its performance.  We're back to sleeping like babies on Benadryl.  I highly recommend.     

And this has become a common sight around my house.  Carson and Davis love to get in the floor at night and wrestle.  There is a lot of grunting, screaming, gasping for air, and turning various colors.     
I am intrigued with the things that men find to do to pass the time.  I mean, when was the last time you had the urge to say to one of your friends, "Katherine, would you like to get down in the floor and roll around while I try to swing my leg up over you and pin your head to the carpet until it turns the color of a plum?"

Some things are not meant for us, women, to understand, I suppose.

This week is our long awaited spring break and we're predicted to get up to 6" of rain by Friday.  I'm not sure what we're going to do for fun, but it will most likely involve a lot of waiting inside for our dove to return with an olive leaf.       

Hope the week gets off to a good start for y'all!

See ya soon! 



  1. Really didn't know there was such a thing. Lol. I've always used a fan but the last 2 I bought were so cheap they didn't last over a yr. So i just bought one of these from Amazon. Cheaper than a fan! You should have posted a link for a kick back 😂😊😂😊 thanks ☺

    1. Awesome!! You're going to LOVE it!!! You can adjust its air holes to customize the noise to your liking. Let me know what you think! Zzzzzzzzzz

  2. We don't use a white noise machine, used a fan for up teen years. We have the same tower fan for the last two years, but will need to replace it soon. We need air circulation around our bed. So sorry about the weather during spring break. This week here in Phoenix will be in the 80s topping off with a dreaded 90. Yew, yew, yew!!!!! Already did my outside chores. Wish I can throw some sunshine your way, especially for Carsons spring break. Kathleen in Az

    1. Wow.....can't believe you're getting 90 degree days already! Bless your heart, Kathleen! And yes, so far, our wet forecast has been on the money. :(