Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Make it 10

I don't have anything in particular to write about today and, sadly, I have just enough OCD to want to end the month with 10 posts and not 9.  Consequently, I'm forced to share with you some family highlights from the last week or two that are sure to bore you out of your skull.....or make you want to bore through your skull, whichever you prefer.  For the next few minutes, I will be like that grandmother with the purse full of pictures, which you care nothing about.  So, with that said, enjoy!

1)  Carson has turned 15!  He's ready to get his driver's permit if he can stay home long enough to study for the test.  His father will be in charge of all driving instruction as I don't have the nerves to teach children how to operate heavy machinery.  I don't do the passenger seat thing very well to start with....and especially not in a learning environment.  Anyway, we had a great time celebrating him for FOUR days in a row.  We have a lot to celebrate......he's a wonderful son!     

2)  We had our garage sale on Saturday and I know you won't be able to rest until I tell you about that.  I purged the house, priced the items, and organized it and the deal was that Davis and the kids would work the sale since I'd done all that other.....and since I don't really do early morning.  Well, about 7:00 am, Blair flung my bedroom door open, "There's a man out here who wants to know what's the lowest price you'll take for all of your pottery".  So much for that plan.  Anyway, we grossed $360 and the remaining items were promptly loaded up and donated to charity. 

Note that the cool neighbors were hosting a bouncy house birthday party across the street at the country club at the same time.  Leave it to them to tacky up our garage sale.  We just tried not to make eye contact.          

Carson couldn't put down his new paintball gun that he'd gotten for his birthday, so we just called him "Security" and John Samuel acquired some boyfriend points by getting up at dawn to help. 

Things that did not sell included, but were not limited to our mini trampoline and its resulting pair of crutches.....even though we offered to throw in the crutches with any mini trampoline purchase....still, no takers.  And if you ever need to borrow the sheet music to The Young and the Restless, I decided to keep this and not donate it.  You just never know when Victor, Ashley, or Nikki might drop by the house from Genoa City and there I'd be kicking myself that I couldn't play it for them. 

3)  Blair is taking a summer class and, every evening around 6, I get a text of what she's whipped up for dinner.  I'm so proud of her cooking and baking skills that I don't know what to do!  I might also add that she has a B in Organic Chemistry.  It's hard to hide good parenting.    
4)  Carson is in the middle of his three church trips.  He got home from Nashville on his birthday.  He's in New Orleans this week on a mission trip and he'll leave in a couple of weeks for D.C..   There's been a lot of bus loading and clothes washing.  God has a special place in His kingdom for chaperones.  For they shall inherit the earth. 

Ok, I have ten June posts now, so there is no need to keep you here any longer. 

You're dismissed.

Have a great Wednesday, y'all! 

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  1. #10 is a keeper! Thought the post was well rounded of your slice of life. My, 15 is the beginning year for Carson with learning to drive in to Independence day (growing up). Nice to clean out the house and make some money. Your daughter is smart, beautiful and loves to cooks! Blair has a talent in culinary, won't be surprised if she goes in that direction, even as a side career. Have a beautiful day Joni, Kathleen in Az