Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First Things First

I apologize for my absence for the last couple of days.  I'm sure I'm not much different from you......always having to make decisions about the use of my time.  Frankly, there's just not near enough of it to cover everything we, women, have to do.  I sat down today and made a list of all of the things that need to get done over the next few days but, as soon as I cross a couple of those time suckers off my list, there will be another dozen or two to take their place.  I feel like I'm playing a perpetual game of Whack-A-Mole.  Such is life, I suppose. 

We've all got those things that we have to do.  No matter how little time you have, you just can't skip over some things.  Like....we have to do laundry.  I mean......eventually, you come to that place where everything is dirty except your tacky Christmas party sweaters, some swim trunks, and maybe a couple of old prom dresses in the back of your daughter's closet....oh, and your wedding dress in that acid free box under the bed.....for whatever that's worth.  So, yeah......I'd have to put laundry on this list.  Then, you've got the kids' school work.  If they've got a project or test and they need supplies or help studying.....well, that's pretty mandatory.....no matter what.  I mean....since one of the main goals that parents work towards is the day when the offspring will be financially independent and buy their own $30 lip liner and shirts with little horses on them, then you pretty much have to see that they finish the 7th grade.  Another fine example is dishwashing.  I just now started the dishwasher because, until it's finished running, we have only measuring cups and ladles from which to drink.  Yeah, it's come to that.  Other things that we can't fail to do would include, but are not limited to, grocery shopping, putting gas in the car, feeding the dog, paying bills, going to work, and buying toilet paper.  If you didn't do these things, calamity would ensue.  Dogs would die.  Mortgages would become delinquent.  Children would be taken into protective custody.  People would become stranded in the bathroom.             

Then, we have those gray areas.  These are things that we should do, but if we don't do them right this second.......well, they're not going to cause immediate, negative consequences.  There's calling your parents, cooking, reading your Bible, vacuuming, spending time with friends, blogging, picking up the dry cleaning, and unloading the dishwasher....just to name a few.  Unfortunately, we put some really important things into this category right alongside those that aren't.  Sometimes, those big things get shoved in there by, let's say, the absence of clean underwear anywhere in the house, working late, the onset of familial vomiting, and a two week deadline to prove or disprove a hypothesis using homemade compost, bean seeds, and large incandescent bulbs.      

Then, we have those things that you think about doing a lot, but......as far as actually doing them.......well, they don't have a snowball's chance.  These usually surface when the junk drawer in the kitchen is so full that it won't close or when you open the pantry door and cans fall and roll everywhere.  You think, "I have GOT to get around to addressing this"....but you know you probably never will.  You just move the junk around until you can get that drawer to close and kick those cans right back into the pantry.  Uploading the Christmas pictures from two years ago to Snapfish, cleaning under the refrigerator, updating your address book, and organizing your Tupperware drawer also fall into this group of hopelessness.  Let's get real, people.  Things in this category won't ever get done unless you're put under a mandatory 30 day home quarantine or you're prescribed strict bed rest....and, unfortunately for me, you don't hear of many perimenopausal women being put on bed rest.  I hate that.  Anyway, it would take extreme circumstances to keep you home long enough to reach this far down on your "to do" list.

With the holidays coming, I'm going to be all sorts of busy.  Just like you.  The store will be busy.  Christmas decorating on the side to do.  Presents to buy.  Blogs to write.  People to visit.  Cards to address.  Food to cook.  Blair will be home.  Carson's basketball games.  Church programs.  Family gatherings.  Christmas pictures.  Gift wrapping.  Meals to plan.  Parties to attend.  Shopping to do.   

In all the noise and hustle, I want to keep things in their proper place this holiday season.  Somethings are so pressing and threatening that they practically get in our face and yell for our attention.  Other things are quiet and never make a fuss over being pushed aside.

It's in the quiet where we find what's really important.  Those things that don't demand to be heard.  They're our family and friends and strangers and children and the sick and lost and lonely and poor and unloved.....and the Baby in the manger.  And He sits quietly, in all the noise and busyness and need, hoping that we'll recognize what deserves our time......and what doesn't.

Happy Hump Day, my friends! 





  1. Joni, I look for new posts from you at least once a day! Thanks for always making me smile...and sometimes laugh so hard I snort!

    1. Hahahaha......I love that I cause you to snort, Karen! Thanks for the sweet words :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Happyone! You're so sweet and encouraging :)

  3. Love your writing! I'm always glad to see a new post, but I know life gets hectic and sometimes we wonder where the days went. Your last paragraph puts it all in perspective. So good!

  4. Thank you, Denice! You're so sweet :)