Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Weekend Won

This weekend wore me out!

Halloween was fun.  We had LOTS of trick or treaters......some Duck Dynasty dudes, Mickey and Minnie, dinosaurs, Woody, those Frozen girls (I don't know their names), and several farm animals....pigs, cows, and whatnot.  Carson was going to pass out the candy, but that lasted about 3 doorbell rings and then he was over that. 

Our dog takes her job of alerting us that clowns and skeletons are at the door quite seriously, so Halloween is a stressful time for her.  All 190 times that the doorbell rang, she barked and growled and all the usual things that you'd expect from a dog, who sees a 4 ft. kitty cat and a grim reaper with a bloody scythe raised above his head, standing in the doorway.  You can only imagine how frightening it all must be for family guard dogs everywhere.    

At one point, I looked outside and saw all the cars lined up and down the street and I started to worry if our candy supply was going to hold out, so I texted Davis to pick up some more on his way home......... bringing our total candy bill to, I think, somewhere just under $4,000.

My cool neighbor must have also been worried about her stash too, as she jokingly texted and asked if candy quality supersedes quantity when passing out Halloween treats.  While I don't consider myself an expert on Halloween etiquette, I am of the opinion that you do consider the quality when determining the quantity.  I mean, if you're passing out that no name stuff that tastes like cough syrup, then you definitely have to beef up your allotments to make up for your cheapness. But if you're doling out the Fun Size Snickers and Kit Kats or Pop Rocks, I say you have license to drop just a piece or two in their matter how long they stand there and stare at you, hoping for more.
With Halloween over, I've been at the store ALL weekend putting up Christmas trees and bringing out the Christmas merchandise.  I know.  I know.  "It's too early!"  Not to worry......our center stage table is completely Thanksgiving themed.  We don't want it to be lost in the shuffle as is the tendency. 

Transitioning a store into the holiday mode has to be done when you're closed, because it makes such a mess......not unlike a complete ransacking.  By the time you get it all done though, you have such a sense of accomplishment.........and achiness......oh, and generalized throbbing.  Did I mention the throbbing?

Oh, and then there was that Mississippi State football game Saturday night!  We won, but it was too close for healthy blood pressure readings.  This being ranked #1 is so stressful.  Who knew?  We're usually far enough removed from #1 that there's not this much discomfort when watching a game.  We're just all so excited and proud and stressed out of our minds, all at once........oh, and short of breath.  Did I mention the shortness of breath?          

I haven't gotten used to this time change either.  As I write this, it's now 7:30 pm and it feels like it's a quarter 'til midnight.  It'll take me a couple of weeks to adjust to this.  The dog has already gone to bed and Davis has been yawning since 5:00.  You'd think we'd set our clocks back 4 hours by the way we're acting.      

Anyway,between the fall back thing and my hard labor, I'm exhausted.

I hope y'all have a great start to your week!

See you soon!                  


  1. we're old fuddy duddies as we haven't handed out candy in a few years....we go out to eat and sneak in the house when we see the little trick or treaters headed our way! but friday night we got home (driving thru what must have been 1/2 of montgomery on our street) and there stood a bunch of folks on our porch, turns it was some friends of ours and their kids trying to get out of the rain that had just started....they came in, used the "potty" and went on their way!

    lordy, between Miss. State and the Auburn games, I might have lost my religion! If Auburn could get an award for "most penalties in one football game" we'd be No. 1 this year! I was really worried ya'll would hang onto the No. 1 position for a while but looks like you're safe for another week....when we were No. 1 it was a heart attack every single week....but once again, congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much, Judy! Well, we're usually the penalty title holder, but doing better this year on that. We were sweating bullets during the Arkansas game. Wasn't sure we'd be No. 1 after struggling with them. Playing Alabama at Tuscaloosa will be a big hurdle. This is all new to us, so we're just tickled to death!

  2. Had a lot of fun size candy leftover, but don't worry, it'll be gone as of tomorrow. My daughter worked at a retail store,working shipment. Getting there early and working the night getting ready for Holidays and sales. Hard work with aches and pains. And she's young. Arizona does not have the time change and I am thankful for that. I get all excited for the bloggers I follow with their sports. Very emotionally invested. I'm getting excited myself with the Cardinals. Superbowl in Az 2015. Cool if they play! Kathleen in Az

    1. It's always good to buy candy you love, Kathleen! Yay for leftovers! Yeah, retail and holidays make for hard matter how old you are. We're so excited about our Bulldogs! Hoping we can stay on top, but we're just all enjoying the ride. Good luck to the Cardinals. Would be awesome if they got to play in the Superbowl at home! Have a great week, Kathleen.

  3. We had 205 kids on Halloween and 225 pieces of candy on hand. I stood at the screen door closed and opened the window and just reached out the window. Worked great. Where we live when you run out of candy you just turn off the front porch light.

  4. I wish my door had a window! That sounds awesome, Happpy One! I would've just turned out the light, but there were so many kids outside that I caved and called for more! It was a fun night!