Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Snippet

Thanksgiving was just wonderful!

Except......that whole thing I've been doing lately about not eating much sugar......well, that flew straight out the window, took a nose dive, and crashed to the ground in a fiery explosion.  My mother made her scrumptious caramel cakes and let me just tell you something........when those are in my field of vision, I lose all sense of control.  All. Sense. Of. Control.  If you put a slab of that in the microwave for 5-6 seconds and pour yourself a glass of ice cold milk........Merciful heavens!!  You will hear angels sing.

My mother and Aunt Gloria do 99.5% of the cooking and they use all of my Grandmother's old recipes.  Grandmother would be so proud of them!  Every year, we," next in line" generation, are given very minute food assignments.  They must think our cooking stinks.....or that we won't do something just right.  Whatever their reasoning, you will not hear us complaining and we all enjoy and appreciate the planning and work that they put into making our Thanksgiving perfect every year.  For all 40 of us! 
The cookers of all good Thanksgiving things

                18 of our 40 are children! 
With just a little plotting, they could gain control......

With Thanksgiving over, our neighborhood is now all aglow with the sparkle and twinkle of Christmas.  Wreaths, garlands, and trees with ribbons and lights adorn each house, heralding the beginning of the long awaited season!  Yeah....tomorrow night, two houses on our street will be part of the Christmas tour of homes, which will benefit our school's baseball team, so all of the neighbors got busy with their decorations in anticipation of the traffic that will come through for the event.  Except for us. 

If it's true what they say.....the landscaper's yard always needs mowing and the doctor's children always have a runny nose, then I guess it stands to reason that the floral designer's front porch would be the only one still dark and unadorned and her tables......still strewn with gourds, branches, leaves, and pilgrims.  I hate to see the pilgrims go.  I like the pilgrims, so I'm going to let them linger here a couple of more days before they are banished to the attic for another year.  Today, I did take the pumpkins off the front porch and chunked them into the woods, but that's as far as I've come with my Christmas decorating.

Carson got to go paintballing this weekend with his uncle and cousins.  They shot each other with air propelled, paint filled bullets for 7 hours.  Needless to say, fun was had.  There's no greater way to celebrate the season of thanks than by pelting your loved ones with non-lethal bullets, which leave bruises that can be compared later. 
We got Blair feeling all better and back to school today.  By Wednesday afternoon, she put on a little mascara and I knew that was a sign of improvement.  She lost five pounds from not being able to eat a normal diet, so I made it my mission to put some weight back on her over the weekend.  I have pumped her full of all sorts of carbs and sugars and fats and calories.  To show my support, I may have eaten with her and put on a little, too.  It's what mothers do for their children.     

Tomorrow starts the busiest week of the whole, entire year for me!  My posts may be spotty, at best, but I'll swing by when I can!  By the end of next weekend, my schedule should thin out some and I'll be back to regular programming. 
(Oh, and please pray for a speedy recovery of our cousin, Jacob.  He's been really sick all week and is in the hospital now.  He missed Thanksgiving and paintball......and we missed him!)
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with you and yours!  Thank you, God, for family!    
Here's to Monday.......and moderation.




  1. "Its what Mothers do for our children." love that and so true. Caramel cake sounds delicious! I love holiday traditions too. December 1st and I'm done, except writing out Christmas cards. That is one tradition I still enjoy, write a little note too. I'll say a prayer for a speedy recovery for Jacob, Kathleen in Az

  2. So impressed with you, Kathleen! December were done??? Thanks for praying for Jacob. He spent a week in the hospital, but he's home now. Have a great day! :)