Monday, February 2, 2015

Farewell, Football

My random and inconsequential thoughts on Super Bowl XLIV: 

1)  While I am an avid college football fan, my interest in professional sports falls somewhere between the level of intrigue I have with the chemical process of composting and the history of the Pythagorean Theorem. 

Yeah......somewhere right in the middle of those. 
2)  Women don't play football because we are not inclined to participate in sports in which a player's weight can appear on the TV screen at any moment.  No, thanks.  We'll just watch.     

3)  Even with my miniscule knowledge of play calling, I think I would have known that passing the ball from the one yard line was a bad idea. really have to feel for the guy.  You know he didn't sleep much last night, wrestling with the "what ifs".  Stay off Twitter for a few days, Coach, if you want to retain your will to live.     

4)  I liked the Seahawks' uniforms the best and so, in keeping with the custom I've held firm to since childhood, I was for the Seahawks all the way.  That bright green really looks nice with the blue, boys.  And when I found out there was a former Mississippi State Bulldog on the team, that just solidified my superficial decision.

5)  Plus, I didn't really like the whole deflating thing.  Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater....

6)  But, then I found out that the guy who made the game saving interception for the Patriots was  Mississippi born and raised, so then I was like, "Yeah....go, Patriots....I knew you could do it."  By the way, Mississippi had 6 of her sons playing in the Super Bowl last night.  Go, southern boys!
7)  One of my favorite commercials was all of the 100 year olds helping celebrate 100 years of Dodge.
 "Live for now"....."Life is make it good"......"Always tell the truth"....."Never forget where you came from"...."Keep your eyes open and sometimes your mouth shut."   Amen, Centenarians. 

8)  Then, there was the obligatory puppy commercial.  Horses that save a lost puppy from wolves.  Oh, you're good, Budweiser.  If I were a drinking Baptist woman, I'm sure I would buy your product and buy it often, because you have really compassionate horses.       
9)  And we can always leave it to the insurance companies to ruin a good party.  Nothing like a commercial about accidental childhood deaths for the Super Bowl, Nationwide.  Pass the Tostitos and the sackcloth.  Maybe next Christmas Eve you could run a spot about fatal house fires.  That would be awesome.     
10)  And it would be remiss not to mention the halftime show.  I kept seeing people raving about it on social media.  Clearly, we were watching different channels. 
I always find the difference between most artists' recorded songs and their live voices to be like......well, like the difference between my voice in the shower and my voice not in the shower.  Not near as good.

11)  And had I been a Patriot, by the time that slobbery Lombardi trophy made it down the long line to me, I'm afraid this germaphobe's daughter would just have to blow it a kiss. 
So, those are my takeaways from the big insightful and weighty as they are. 

While the introduction of ridiculous salaries into the game just ruin it for me, it does prolong the sound of football on television for another month, I suppose.

There's nothing like the sound of a football game.

Until fall.....farewell, my friend.      


  1. Hi! Well I did watched the Superbowl since it was in my hometown. This week is warm and fabulous. To bad it wasn't like this last weekend. Chamber of commerce would have loved it. Oh yes, everybody was not happy with that commercial. Very somber for a celebratory day. Half time! With the fireworks! My husband told me to look out west real hard and perhaps I will see them! Not. And really! the price for a ticket. Way, way to much!!! Looking forward to the fall too. The summers here! Boo! Kathleen in Az

    1. Oh, I bet that was fun....having the Super Bowl in your hometown. I can imagine that the tickets would have been cost prohibitive for me too, Kathleen!