Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rambling in the Worst Way

So, repainting the family room has opened a can of worms.  As a matter of fact, if an account of painting the room were recorded in the Bible, it might sound something like......

And painting the family room for Valentine's Day begat
Moving some accessories around and moving some accessories around begat
Empty spots and empty spots begat
A little shopping and a little shopping begat
New blackout curtains in the bedroom and new blackout curtains in the bedroom begat
Moving a chest from one bedroom to another and moving a chest from one bedroom to another begat
Moving a chair from a bedroom to the den and moving a chair from a bedroom to the den begat
New window treatments in the dining room and new window treatments in the dining room begat
Curtain rods being lowered and curtain rods being lowered begat
Holes that needed filling and holes that needed filling begat
A little touch up paint in the dining room and a little touch up paint in the dining room begat
Changing pictures around and changing pictures around begat
A little blemish on the new Valentine paint and a little blemish on the new Valentine paint begat
Touch up painting in the family room and touch up painting in the family room begat
The hall and kitchen looking needful of fresh paint and the hall and kitchen looking needful of fresh paint begat
Davis making early plans to send me roses, jewelry, AND candy for Valentine's Day next year.

We had a very nice anniversary weekend, by the way, and we appreciated all of the well wishes!  We enjoyed a long night out on the town, just talking and feeding our faces.  The weather started to turn ugly, so we came home, exchanged gifts, and went to bed, where there was a lot of heavy breathing and uncontrolled drooling.........due to our neurotic dog with the severe thunderstorm phobia ending up between us in the bed, panting in terror.  It was the stuff that romance novels are made of, really.  But besides that, we really had a great weekend.

Well, our weatherman has unleashed the ice/snow graphic for this coming week. This is one that he doesn't get to pull out much down here.  It is used only after long, sober deliberation because of its unmatched ability to cause excitement/hysteria among the southern masses.  Once the graphic is disengaged, there will be no trace of bread, milk, or anything made by Oscar Meyer in the whole state within 30-45 minutes.
So, yeah......when you take into consideration our historical weather records, we have like a  2% chance that we will see some snow and a <1% chance that it will stick, but that doesn't stop our ceaseless hoping.  We're checking the weather updates on the hour and planning our grocery lists for tomorrow.....just in case.  While some of our more northern counterparts are suffering from cabin fever after being buried under a relentless blanket of snow, we dream of a day or two at home in our pajamas until noon and sliding down frozen hills on garbage can lids, cardboard boxes, boogie boards, pool floats, and a host of other southern makeshift sleds. 

Wish us luck! 

And as I sit here, halfway watching the Oscars, I will close this meandering post with takeaways from the perspective of a rare movie-goer, who doesn't recognize any of these new names and faces...... 

1)  I had no idea Lady Gaga could sing like that.

2)  Most unexpected quote of the night:  "My dear Lady Gaga."  -Julie Andrews.

3)  In that room full of women, many with their breasts hanging out for the world to see, Julie Andrews was the most beautiful and elegant of them all.

4)  "Some actresses will never be able to shake their roles", I thought to myself as Elle Woods, Rachel Green, and Ouiser Boudreax made their presentations.

5)  Matthew McConaughey, could I help you locate some beard grooming tools?  I wasn't sure you had a look that wasn't dashing, but maybe we've found it.

6)  Michael Keaton can rest easy tonight knowing that he got his money's worth out of that piece of green gum.

7)  I'm sorry the movie about an American hero was beat out by a story about a flying man, but hey.......what do I know?  His wife looked beautiful representing him there.     

Happy Monday to everybody!




  1. I live in upper, middle TN and we got all that snow last week. It really did shut just about everything down for a few days. Businesses were updating their statuses each day of whether they would be open or not on facebook. Our local bank closed for a couple of days and didn't open on Saturday because everything that melted on Friday just refroze. Our temps have been in the thirties or lower all week and still are today. I can never remember the snow being on the ground this long in my 32 years. LOL It really is something else. We made it to Walmart on Saturday and they really were completely out of milk!!

    I laughed so much as your Oscar observances and couldn't agree more. I am glad that American Sniper at least one one category. There really were a lot of great actors and actresses up this year. I saw American Sniper so of course I wanted it to win. The Birdman movie just doesn't even look entertaining but maybe it is. I do want to see The Imitation Game at some point.

    After being stuck in my house for all of last week...there are so many things I want to change out for Spring now!!

    1. Wow.....sounds like you did get the weather, April! We may be getting a little ice tonight, but a big chance for snow on Wednesday! Keeping our fingers crossed!

      We rarely go to the movies......just because it tests my attention span! It has to be something I really want to see to get me to sit still in a theatre seat for that long. I've been to 2 this year already, so that could be a record. Anyway, clearly, I am not in the know on Oscar night. I'd never even heard of some of those!

      And if being snowed in is going to prolong my home decorating chain reaction, I don't know if that would be so good, after all!

      Have a great day, April!

  2. Happy to hear you had a nice dinner out for your Anniversary. And yes, we have a little one between us too in bed. (Doggie) Ahhh, the snowball effect.My house needs a paint job too. Watched some of the awards last night, in between Downton Abbey. The highlight for me was Lady Gaga singing The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews. So beautiful and classy. Keep warm and safe Joni, Kathleen in As
    P.s. Having a bit of winter weather here too! Well for us here in Phoenix. Had several days of Spring weather lately.

  3. We wouldn't trade our little fur balls for anything, would we? And I couldn't believe Gaga could sing like that, Kathleen! Why in the world does she do all those crazy stunts she does when she can sing like that?!! Maybe Julie has inspired her to lean more on her talent and less on her antics!!

    It is cold, wet, and miserable here! A good chance of snow for Wednesday, so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Thanks, Kathleen!