Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Week's Collage

So, without any events that are noteworthy enough to stand on their own, you'll be forced to look at a collage of my pictures from the week.  I apologize in advance for the boredom that may ensue. 

1)  Last weekend, Blair briefly came through town and, while I was cooking dinner for her, she was getting a big carton of chicken broth down for me and dropped it.  Chicken broth.  Everywhere.  In the laundry room.  She was sweet enough to insist that she'd clean it up herself and, for some reason, "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day, it's Cinderelly....." kept playing in my head.  I'm not sure why.  Regardless, I can't say I've ever seen the dog more interested in our laundry room.    
2) We celebrated Mr. Goldie Hall's 100th birthday at work this week!  He's our oldest customer.......and one of our very favorites. (Don't tell the others.)  He takes care of his wife, Mrs. Lillie, and he still drives himself to pick up their medicine.  Now, this is not to say that everyone in the parking lot doesn't give Mr. Hall plenty of room to back out and make his turns, because.....well, they are very generous in that regard, but we're always so happy when we see this kind, humble man coming through our doors. 
At his little party, we asked him for his secret to longevity.  So, if you're interested in living to 100 and beyond, listen up.....
"Work hard.  Be honest with everybody.  Treat everybody right....doesn't matter if they're black or white.  And if you have food to eat, you have all you need."   
Sounds like good advice to me, Mr. Hall. 
3) Tuesday night, they called off school for Wednesday.  We would finally get our snow day!  The forecast details were sort of sketchy and the possibilities seemed to vary from hour to hour, but this was our time....we just knew it!  Surely, it was our turn to play in the snow!  How exciting!  
We woke up Wednesday and looked out and I had to snap a couple of pictures to share! 
 The view from our front porch.  Isn't it beautiful?   
Oh, and look at this one!  This is my favorite!  I'm thinking Christmas card picture!   
So, yeah.  The whole snow thing rarely works out around here.  The only color on our grass is that big patch of confused weeds you see that popped up, thinking it was spring.  While y'all are having your snow days with your snowmen, we enjoyed a rain day.  Can't build much out of that......or mix that with milk and vanilla......and no one wants to see pictures of you playing in your wet grass.  Bummer.   
4) This disappointment left the world wide web chock-full of jabs at the weathermen.  Bless their hearts.  They didn't know. 
5) On the bright side, when I got up, my son was making me breakfast.  He's gotten interested in grilling and now he's dabbling with cooking a little bit.  It was quite delicious and filled my tank since I had to go to work, because........well, you can't call and say you're rained in.  Anyway, there isn't much on this earth that's sweeter than this boy!   
6)  And Blair?  Well, she's pretty sweet herself....and had way more luck in the snow department than we did.  They got around 6 inches and enjoyed 2 days out of school.  I frolicked in the snow vicariously through her social media posts.  Clearly, her pictures beat ours.  Oh, the difference 90 miles can make.   

Well, I won't prolong your agony, you know, like the vacation slide show your relatives would pull out that was about 150 slides too long.  No, we'll just stop it right here if somebody will get the lights.   
I hope y'all have a great weekend! 
I know I intend to!


  1. Please tell Mr. Hall Happy Birthday from me and he certainly gives great advice!!

    1. I will definitely tell him, Carla! He will appreciate that :)

  2. Sage advice from Mr. Hall. A girl likes having a boy who knows how to cook! You have the most gorgeous daughter Joni. Love your "snow" picture of your house, Kathleen in Az

  3. I live in Illinois and we have 8 inches of snow on the ground. No school for us today. I would be happy to send some of this your way. It is ok in January but not in March! :)

    1. Hahaha......I'm sure if we asked for donations, we could get all the snow we'd ever want, Denice. I can see how it would lose its luster after a very short while, but, for those of us who rarely see it, it is a real treat! Hope it lets up on y'all soon, Denice!