Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Birthday Dinner

When it's your birthday, your family may take you out on the town for dinner to celebrate, especially, on milestone birthdays like dog years.  I can't let a number like that slip by without turning up the party.    
You'll want to look over the menu carefully.  Don't make any rash decisions, because this only happens once a year, you know.  Tomorrow, it's back to the Caesar dinners that we keep under the sink, so you'll need to take your time, choose wisely, and talk it out if you need to.  
"It's so hard to decide when they've got all these pictures on the menu.  It all looks good to me. Chicken.....I love chicken.  I wonder if it's fresh.  Burgers.....can never go wrong with some good cow meat.  Hot dogs......I think I ordered that last year.  Mmmmm."  
"Ok, I think I've decided......I'm going with the cheeseburger.  Yeah, a cheeseburger-hold the ketchup and mayo."
Excellent choice, ma'am.
After a big birthday supper, sometimes, you just want to go home, loosen your collar, have a little night cap out of your water bowl, and get in your comfy bed. 
Life goes by fast when you age 7 years every year.  
You've got to take the time to stop and smell the mailboxes.   


  1. Hahaha hehe hahaha love this post! Stop and smell the mailboxes, priceless! My little dogs love this post and are very jealous of Sugar going out to eat on her Birthday. Kathleen in Az

  2. Hahaha.....I think she enjoyed her "night out", Kathleen! We all enjoyed being silly :)