Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's Talk Teeth

I admit that I've been spread a little thin lately with the impending opening of the new store location.  We're slated to open our doors in the next couple of weeks and there's just so much to be done between now and then!  All that to say, I'm a little preoccupied at the moment and you'll just have to bear with me as I grasp for blog topics in my one track brain.  I anticipate this condition will clear up in the next 2 or 3 weeks.      

With that being said, I don't think we've talked about my dentist visit and I'm certain that you're all about to blow a gasket waiting to hear about my annual medical visits.  Far be it from me to deny you all the details of something as riveting as that.  I believe I've told y'all that, about this time of year, I begin my checkups starting at the head and working my way down.  Usually, by the time I get all the way down, it's time to take it from the top again, but I suppose that's just the way it gets when you're just days away from your 47th birthday.     

Anyway, I had to change dentists because of insurance reasons, so this was my first visit to this office and you know how you have to go about 6 hours early if you're a new patient.  I filled out the 49 forms, front and back, and listed all of the medicines I take, the dates of my medical procedures, and circled all the conditions from which I have ever suffered.  I've always wondered what relevance Tums, a C-section, and dermatitis have to having your teeth cleaned, but, hey, what do I know?

Anyway, the hygienist came out to the waiting room to get me.  She was just precious.  She had the biggest smile and a most personable demeanor.  Speaking in the sweetest and most soothing voice, she led me back to "The Chair".  Not the electric chair, but still in that same ballpark.  Anyway, we chit chatted and got acquainted, while she got everything ready.  You know how you do.  I mean, if we're going to go from complete strangers to you having your arms in my mouth up to your elbows, then we should, at least, know a little something about each other first. 
I was glad she got all the questions out of the way before we got started as some hygienists seem to forget that it's difficult to respond to questions with fists in your mouth. "So, where do you work?"  "Ahhheeeoohaaaaaaaahuuu".  "What grade are your kids in?"  "Eeeooaaaaaaahh  aahhh iiiaaauuuhhah".

They had Jeopardy going on the televisions back there. I suppose their thinking was that if there was anything that could make having your teeth scraped with metal and drilled tooth matter splattering your face seem like the preferred choice, it would have to be watching three goobs, who actually know the answers to some of those questions.      

Well, the meet and greet was over and she started suiting up.  It was time for some deep cleaning and she grabbed her pick ax and sickle or whatever you want to call those instruments of torment.  That sweet, soft spoken girl got to work and let me just say, I've never met anyone with a more impressive work ethic.  Don't get me wrong.  I admire a strong work ethic and I really want to see that trait in certain a housekeeper, surgeon, mechanic, lawn boy, teacher.  But, my dental hygienist.........not really someone I particularly care for being an over achiever.  Yeah, them and auditors.....the lazier the better is what I say.  Know what I mean?  Anyway, I think my teeth were less clean the day they broke through the gums and into my teething ring in '68 than they were when I left there.

But, at least, we can check that off the list and proceed downward.  

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 




  1. Oh my have made me laugh this morning!!

  2. Check that off! Sounds like you're a busy lady and I hope this weekend you can relax a bit. Kathleen in Az

  3. Hey, what's up? Sorry to hear about the poor dental work that you’ve experienced not too long ago. You certainly deserved a better treatment than that. Anyway, I hope that you’ve recovered from that by now, and have found a great dentist to work on your dental issues. Take care!

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC