Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Follow-Up or Two

Ok.... first, I have to share this picture taken by my friend, Jean, while she was on a shopping trip in North Carolina.  Jean has located the retirement facility, where all of our 1970's playground equipment is resting comfortably, living out their final days.  We should all make plans to meet there next Tuesday morning after "Captain Kangaroo" goes off and relive recess of 1975, while testing the weight limits of these rusty, childhood relics.  Don't forget to wear your red Keds and bring your metal Holly Hobbie lunchbox and Thermos as lunch will not be provided.  We should be home by the time "ZOOM" comes on at 5:00.  No permission slip needed as, I'm sure, our parents are still not overly concerned with our safety.   

Ok, next order of business.....I need to defend myself on the whole headlight issue.  I realize that my brain has only functioned at about 30% since I turned, oh I'd say, 42 or so.....and, sometimes, I do things that cause me to pause and say to myself, "Good gosh, woman, you are on the verge of needing round the clock care", but driving without turning on my headlights was a first for me.  Well, I was so relieved at dinner tonight when Davis says, "Oh, about your blog today....I think I may have switched your lights to "off" when I took your car in to be serviced yesterday."  Well, there you have it, people.  Did I not say that a leprechaun must have been responsible for that?  The leprechaun's name is Davis.  He would've felt horrible had the incident ended in a shootout or, even worse,......a fine, but all's well that ends well.  I'd like to thank him for coming forward and not leaving me out there, all alone, in the land of self-doubt.       

Also, today was my dentist appointment as I forge ahead in my quest to be checked from top to bottom.  We can go ahead and check that one off of our list.  So glad to have that over with for a while.  Is there anything more torturous than having your teeth cleaned?  They stick that long ice pick type instrument in between your teeth and they scrape and scrape and scrape.  The metal against teeth sound makes its counterpart, the fingernails on chalkboard sound, seem like a melodious lullaby.  Today was an exception, but, usually, I get the chatty dental hygienists, who want to have a conversation with you, while she's got four fingers, an ice pick, a little mirror, and a suction hose all up in your mouth.  They'll usually ask questions like, "How old are your kids now?" or "How did the weather look when you came in?"  You just try to answer the best you can with your tongue pinned down and all , "Ahaaaa eeeehhhh haahheeeaa  aaheehaa".  I have to say that I appreciated today's hygienist's understanding that you cannot have a conversation with someone, while your fist is in their mouth. 

I have other reasons for not enjoying the dentist's office, not the least of which, are my hypersensitive gag reflex and overactive salivary gland.  Those things that they stick in there to take the x-rays......they feel like 2x4s to a gagger and that little, tiny suction hose they use needs to be the size of a garden hose to keep up with my salivary gland.  I'm a squirter.  So embarrassing. 

I guess that's all that happened around these parts today.

Hope your day was good. 


  1. What an interesting day for you, Joni! In all of this, the most memorable for sure was your dentist’s visit. And I agree, it’s difficult to talk when there’s a lot of tools in your mouth. But maybe it’s her strategy to keep you relax and occupied while your dentist is too busy treating your teeth.


  2. Maybe so, Rob.......but I don't think it works in my case. :)