Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Highlights

We've had the most delightful weekend!  Yesterday, some of my kinfolk from my Daddy's side came up for a visit and we enjoyed the most wonderful day together!  His side....well, they're a fun people group, so when you combine them with good food, optimal weather, front porch swingin', and seeing my Daddy's face when I looked at my aunt, well, it all made for a perfect day.
Since they don't get up here much, their impending visit launched the type of cleaning spree that is set aside only for infrequent guests.  The infrequent guest requires a higher level of cleaning as they can be fooled into believing that you keep an immaculate house as their visits are widely spaced and planned well in advance.  You know when you have your "usual" company over, you just kind of hit the high spots, as, well... the cat is already out of the bag with them.  However, let visitors who aren't on your frequent flyer list schedule a visit and you'll find yourself using attachments on the vacuum cleaner that you never knew you had.....sucking dust bunnies out of plantation shutters and crouched over baseboards behind furniture so large that only the good Lord sees them.  This is the type cleaning that I found myself doing this week.  I think that it should be a self imposed requirement to schedule this type of special company, at least once a quarter, so to bring scenes like this to the light.
These images contain graphic content, but I'm just keeping it real, people.  I thought I caught a glimpse of something under the piece of furniture that houses Carson's television and Xbox and when I moved it back from the wall, this was what I found.  It was to my relief that I discovered the white box, not to be cigarettes as I thought at first glance, but, instead, only poker cards.  I would have to go with the vice of gambling over cigs at this point.  Also found were the easily explained bouncy balls and the more difficult to justify....congregation of Frosted Flakes.  I'm sure when this chest left Pier One, it could never have imagined anything like this.  This was the most disturbing scene that was unearthed in my cleaning process, but I feel that it serves to connect us with the common folk as I know it, often, appears that it's just glitz, glamour, and all that is fancy over here with us.

Anyway, moving onto today, we enjoyed a fun family afternoon at Mississippi State....besides, of course, the part about the Bulldogs getting whooped by the Rebels.  It was a long, arduous journey from the car to the field with it being Super Bulldog weekend and all and the fact that my purse housed Davis' large bottled water made it that much longer.  Let it be said that Davis never pays $3.00 for water.  Never.  Regardless of the loss, baseball games are always relaxing......with the possible exception of when the clapper of Blair's cowbell goes airborne, almost taking out a couple of Bulldog children seated a few rows below us.  A nice lady seated in front of us took our picture.  It was so kind of her considering she had Carson's seasonal allergies going on behind her and Blair pairing each of the baseball players' last names with her name to see which one sounded best.  I'm sure it was to her relief that we left a little early. 
Before we headed home, we went for coffee and what have you.  Let it be said that Davis never pays $5.00 for coffee at coffeehouses.  Never.  But he does enjoy their comfy chairs, while everyone else is savoring their beverage. 
That was about it, I guess.  Hope your weekend was as good as mine.



  1. Nothing like company to get you motivated to clean. Glad you didn't find cigarettes! :)