Monday, April 21, 2014

Picture Perfect-ish

Whew....What a busy, but wonderful, weekend! 

I've been enjoying all the beautiful Easter pictures on social media.  The darling children, the blooming flowers, the mouthwatering food, the perfect hair.  Let's get real though.....sometimes, things aren't picture perfect.  I wanted to celebrate some of those cutting room floor moments from our weekend.  (I wish this idea had come to me before I deleted some of our sure enough unflattering photos...oh, well.)     

The weekend started when Blair came home Thursday night for Easter break and since there are only three weeks before she's home for summer, she brought a load of stuff home with her. Her roommate's mother is a very talented interior designer, therefore, thanks solely to her, here is what their dorm room looks like.  Unbelievable, huh?  It reminds me of my old dorm room in that mine also had two beds.  I think the similarities stop there.  This picture will help you to get a handle on what moving her home will entail and how much storage space it will require.  Anyway, when this beautiful room is dumped off at your house one load at a time..........   

It looks like this.....
Happy Easter, Mom.  
On Friday, Blair had her grandmother over so that she could demonstrate how she could make sweet potato biscuits.....something she'd learned from one of her professors, while helping her prepare for a university sponsored breakfast.  There we were....three generations of women in the kitchen.  Oh, I got the cutest pictures of the two of them cooking, while they both were wearing Blair's great-great grandmothers' vintage aprons.  This picture found its way to Facebook as it so sweetly portrayed a special moment spent between a grandmother and granddaughter.....
While this one.....well, not so much.  Clearly, here, Blair has become frustrated with one of the other generations in the room.  I will leave it to your imagination as to which one.
Carson woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning to go fishing with our associate pastor, who is so good to take up time with the young people in our church.   In retrospect, however, it may not have been a good call, on my part, with it being on the day of family gatherings and a photo appointment.  They caught 36 fish and it was delicious, all fried up with homemade fries.......
But as our company rang the doorbell.........
and then during the egg hunt........ 
and then, semi-conscious, during the Easter picture appointment..........
He also had some baseball games on Good Friday.  I love to sneak around and snap pictures of him.  I adore this shot from behind with the chain link framing the picture.  So precious......
 It's all fun and games until......."Mom, go on!!!!" 

Davis and I never take good pictures.  I repeat...never.  I usually remark, after looking at pictures of us, that someone should put us out of our misery.  We took a couple of pictures that weren't too awful this weekend.
But, this is usually more typical........
I'll be deleting this so it won't surface on a funeral slideshow one day. 
I'm on the Flower Committee at church and we all met on Saturday to decorate the sanctuary for the Easter service.  The decorations turned out beautifully.  Everyone worked so hard.  Here's just a snippet of that........
I was using a knife that I wasn't accustomed to on Saturday and sliced the inside of my hand open.  There was not one thing pretty and Easter-y about that, my friends.  On Sunday morning, an informal, to say the least, ceremony was held outside the church, where I was awarded the highest medal given in Baptist Flower Committee-dom.....the Purple Heart.  When injured in the line of floral duty on Easter weekend in the Baptist church, don't think you will be medically discharged.  They just butterfly you up and pray the tetanus shot you got 20 years ago still holds some residual value. 
We stayed around after church and visited with friends and took pictures.  One by one, everyone left for big, family gatherings involving ham and the traditional Easter fare.

But by Sunday, all of our family gatherings had already taken place plus I'd planned a big Sunday night supper, so Easter lunch found the Millers at Subway......enjoying ham in one of its lower forms.  I can attest that there is no line, no waiting at the Subway after church on Easter.
I would be remiss to not mention the outpouring of love and concern that I was met with at church yesterday concerning my recent bite.  I had several friends inquire of the condition of my backside, at least, it sounded like that was what they were doing.  It was hard to tell between all the snickering and snorting.  I don't know where you have to go to get a little sympathy around here.  I'm happy to report that I think I'm out of the woods with that.  While it's still there, it is improving.  There will be no pictures to illustrate this will just have to take my word for it.
So those were a few notable points of our Easter weekend.  If you want to see the prettied up version, you can click here. 
Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too!




  1. What a fun peek into your weekend. And a fancy award to boot! Speaking of boots, I was out of town when I read your bug bite post on my phone and laughed out loud numerous times causing my family to cluck their tongues and shake their heads. Always fun reading your posts!

    1. Hahahaha.....thanks, Karmen! I appreciate you a lot!

  2. You are a hoot and a half! Sorry about your hand but that certificate really almost makes it worth it....haha! You have a beautiful family and I loved your dress! Also, Blair's room is so neat!

    1. Wow! Thanks to all of the above, April!! :)

  3. I love the "behind the scenes" look at perfection! Your daughter's dorm room is beautiful, the pile she brought home...not so much. :) Also, the frustrated cooking picture is great. Much more realistic!! :) Glad you had a fun weekend!

    1. Oh, we did! Like I said, I wish I'd done the post before I deleted all the "good" culls, but the cooking one is my very favorite! Thanks so much :)

  4. This made me absolutely crack up! I went outside to take pictures of my 6 month old on Sunday before church in my PAJAMAs and our neighbor asked if we wanted a family picture... She was being so sweet that I didn't want to offend and say he is in a seersucker bubble it doesn't really match my yoga pants, size XL tshirt and crazy hair so we took one. Well, I am the dummy that forgot to take the gussied up version. So, what a framer! I love your blog! Its so funny!!