Monday, April 28, 2014

Due to the Weather

We had a great, full, busy weekend, but seeing as how the weather is a bit sketchy here right now, I'm going to be ever so brief today. 

We went to see Blair in order to haul another load of her stuff home and took in a baseball game, while we were there.  After the 3 1/2 hour game, we waited outside the locker room for the baseball team to come out as Carson wanted some autographs on his cast.  One by one, the players would emerge with fatigue all over their faces from the long, grueling game only to be met by a sea of boys holding out their baseballs and hats......(and cast) to be signed.  They were gracious in their weariness and signed every item that was offered up and posed for pictures and whatnot.  Very nice boys, indeed.     

I'm sitting here listening to the local weather coverage.  It looks like we may be spending some quality, family time in the closet before too long.  The wind gusts will take you away out it did my shopping cart as I loaded my groceries into the car today.  You've never seen me run so fast as I did then, chasing after my $100 worth of groceries traveling downhill with the wind at their back. 

I've been on the phone with Blair, who's huddled in the hallway of her dorm.  I feel pretty good about where she is and how she's being cared for.  Then, I talked to my little brother, who's traveling through Kentucky, on his way home from a bicycle race in Iowa.  I'm not usually one to get too worked up about the weather, but it is a little hairy with some of our chicks out of their nests.  Prayers for all of those in the path of this weather!

Stay safe!        


  1. Curious as to who your brother is? My husband finished Trans Iowa this past weekend! Watching those riders come in after the weather they faced throughout the night was amazing!!

  2. Wow!! That's the race he did! His name is Lee Neal from Birmingham. From the brief time I talked to him, I gathered that he missed one of his checkpoints due to the weather, so he didn't officially finish. He loves every minute of it though! I don't know how we came from the same parents!

  3. There were a lot of riders not making checkpoints because of the weather, it was crazy! I'm not sure I understand their drive either, I've never found torturing my body to be fun. :) I'll have to watch the race rosters from now on and introduce myself if I come across him and hope he doesn't think I'm too crazy! Love your writing, you are an amazing story teller. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks, Shannon! I appreciate the encouragement.